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Vacation Views 06.04.16

Jun 8, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good Marta and Kansas City this is mark comfort your host and I'll tell you what I a temporary record this program because. I ate today. I am on the arm allegro. River cruise ship the yesterday we got on it in Paris. And were now heading our way up to rule long. And how much a whole bunch of very historic French cities. And on our way up to Normandy two days from today. I'll be in Normandy. With my royal family group the 72. Anniversary of you know we just had our Memorial Day which happened to remark birthday by the way. First time my birthdays bent on Memorial Day for a long time and you know I just tell my daughter not to longer than my parents did tell me growing up but that may thirtieth Memorial Day called country celebrated my birthday. And they took today off. No country. And I don't. Until things but it David staged a book Memorial Day on the arm whatever Monday it was not every day. May thirtieth her every year may thirtieth like it used to be anywhere with that said you know I hope you accomplish your bucket list dream. Vacations. That's truly. What my mission. Pat cruise holidays you comfort tour loses in front mission in life. I love helping people. Including myself and my family create memories. That last a lifetime. Priceless. Memories that last a lifetime. You know this past may thirtieth. Yeah maybe and I set up this troll family trips specifically. To be staying in a private chat told. In the central part of France the Loire Valley area of France so beautiful. You NASCAR world heritage site area. And then. Two days after that we were up but mall saint Michelle up on the English Channel and I mean you guys they history in France the beauty of France could that we could I don't have a lot of controversy John you know people don't like the French in the French don't like American that's what they say I act. At you know my thought process is when you're nice to people he'd try to learn and you try to fit in and you. When you're in their country. You act like. You you care about their country in their cultures and their traditions and their history and they'll light you. And that's what I have always found but my comment very simply is my cash it's truly do you know France. Is that number one country in the world. For tourism. Before right. Study those statistics are would have said Italy would have been but now France is France. And by the way by a long shot. By by iams home gush I think it's over three million people. They eat there ahead of the next leading country the world which was Italy the last time I checked it. And and France is a beautiful country and I really encourage your you know Paris obviously is one of the most gorgeous cities in the entire. World. And when I talk to you next Saturday. I will have just had dinner. On top but the Eiffel Tower in that. I Connick. Our restaurant lies mules learn. Restaurant on the very very that's the restaurant that very upscale restaurant on the very very top of the Eiffel Tower. And through our travel guard. Insurance companies concierge. Department. And they were able. Would meet taken travel guard out from my guests this trip. They're concierge department was able to help obtain. Reservations. Not. Just for me. Not just for two people but for 24. Amare royal family group and you'll hear all about that next week. And you'll hear. And the week after when I get back on the eighteenth which is one our royal. Hearst is ruin our cruise holidays. Picnic. Is that our office for our actually Royal Caribbean is sponsoring that Abiola tell you all about this. Got experience we had in France but will mean on right now no matter what your bucket list is no matter where you wanted to go there are. But we've beep would be honored we'd be happy and we wanna help you we wanna help you find the best value you can. On what ever vacation it is and most importantly we wanna give you the options so you know. What your vacation going to be like. And I just want I really want to understand what that statement meant there're so many options and the easiest way for me to explain it when you go everywhere. Is. Do you wanna. Do a good better or best. And and obviously with the each. Trade upper step up it's gonna cost a little more. But what you have to figure out is what you get and the value of orchard get tortured gonna spend extra. And I find without a shadow and Al to of people led do. The better are the best. Specially the best are never. Regretful. I haven't had many experiences myself I bet you have to I know a lot of people we do business where they've had regrets. By being a little more frugal. Then they wish they would have been after the troubles over. Because they didn't get to do this or they didn't get to do better they didn't get to see this or they didn't get to see that whatever my beer they didn't stay and a a hotel or resort or even a cruise ship that was up to their standards. Food wasn't good. Whatever might be service was good whatever might be just remember. You really do get what you pay for. And there are certain times. It's just fine to take that good option. Most times in life people take the better option. For vacations. That's fine that's why there's such sorrow couldn't tell a lot of these competitors broker beard. And I Ameristar and re you and palladium and follows. Resorts. Are billing gigantic properties there the mass market. And they're normally in that better. Or good to better category. But nobody. Ever Chris I really don't think I've been more than a handful people that ever. The very best option for vacation. Regret it. You know why if you think about it when you really think about it. When he you're gonna get more and what is the definition moralist differ with every vacation but in most cases more will also mean. Better service. Better accommodations. Better culinary. Better. Selections of spirits. Wines Beers things like that. So you make a call your decision you're the customer you vote on what I'm telling you. It is I would spend a few extra bucks your kids' inheritance and yet at least. A better. Or the best when you're thinking about your vacation option good better best. Your call I don't particular regret doing the better the best time. Okay and guess what. They're just like Kevin tournament the last several weeks there're so many. Sales going on right now by. All of our vendors whether the river cruises whether there ocean cruises or whether they're all inclusive. Resorts we have had vendors didn't oh my gosh. The last 23 weeks. We've had so many of our vacation vendors and offering us deals offering a sales offering us great values. Prepaid gratuities. To prolongs upgrades. Resort credits. I'm Borg credits for cruises. Just. So many things drink packages that's the big deal with cruises right now they're given a free drink packages. And or free. Gratuities which can really add up the so were open today until. 3 o'clock give us a call at 81650515100. That's 50515100. Word dude check this out on line cruise holidays. Casey dot com cruise holidays. Casey dot com or all inclusive it's only. All inclusive so only. Dot com. You go to cruise holidays Casey dot com now we'll take you ignore all inclusive. How web page in and website you'll also take you and our river Cruz website. Bullets and I appreciate you listen we have a great show so stay tuned I'll be right back. I. Marta and Kansas City this is Marcum for your host and thank you for tuning in this Saturday and every Saturday. At 980 KM BZ and I'm glad to wake you up talking about the world of vacations and I think I told you. That this program is prerecorded because I am in the wonderful country of France and I'll tell you all about that in a couple weeks when I get Mac people who may right now. Is one of our favorite vendors Robin piper would the globe this family of brands. Robin welcome to vacation views thinks it's great to be that mark. OK tell everybody again that may be hasn't heard tell us some about the four family members of the globe this family of brands. Absolutely so are forcing members each have their own unique style so we have cosmos switches are squirted. Program and that has armed it is more budget friendly. And we have globe this that is are fully escorted. On a first class hotels right in the city senator lots of great conclusions. And we have my grams for those of you who don't think you're quite ready for the motor coach. For the escorted trip this week gives you a little bit of both worlds we take care of logistics you still have all the free time that you want and you can explore. And then of course we have Avalon waterways. And she's my favorite other siblings. Siblings and that is our I remember talking right now journalist. So CS since that is for our wonderful river cruises in Europe. And southeast Asia. And you and I have talked so many times Robin but isn't that the most incredible phenomenon that river cruising. Has just gone. Absolutely. Are crazy and popularity of literally is the fastest growing river cruising is the fastest growing segment of the world so fast growing that there ships are expanding and the number of ships like crazy you and everybody else are looking for new rivers of the world to. Explore why it. Is river cruising so doggone popular right now. Cleaner especially in Europe you're crystal among the reverse. So you know unlike when you go arm and one MIA and you know one of my competitors that is in the deep ocean he spent a lot of time on motor coaches literally walking have to ship may be walking up and over I am another ship to get to shore and then you have all these great things. Brady ready and waiting for you it really is pretty amazing to just walk us a ship and have a lovely little town ready for you to explore. Do you literally yesterday we were in Paris and I mean my goodness like you said along the river of Paris I'll just use that example. You can see obviously the Eiffel Tower he got knocked her down your computer earlier Gupta Lou you've got home my gosh. I think absolutely and you know and then one of my favorites are Paris Normandy. Is the second day. You know it's wonderful because there's a Levy who lives on the corner I know exactly where house says. And whenever arm. Whenever tourists Americans and Canadians come by she puts up the American in the Canadian flag. The reason being she was a child during world war two and they actually. Capped I'm an American hand. A Canadian paratrooper in their basement. Until they were freed water snow story I never heard that yet it's it's it just little things like that they would never know we never put that in a brochure but it's a great. Part of your your memory and I I think your point I've done a lot of these were workers is nine exactly by the end of this year and probably closer twelve. And the little towns that you never heard of like burn you just said are normally the towns that impress. And surprise and exceed expectations. More than the big towns you've heard out. Silly you know will always make sure that you see those must things messy things you know at the cathedral. The Eiffel Tower during the day in at night when it twinkle all those things. That you had in your mind for years I have to go to parent. I have to see that but then missile jewels along the way we have a great staff that seeks out in the and looks for these old house. And I think that would be one of the neatest jobs in the world would be to god and explore those. I'm the benedictine abbey and Mel in on I remember the milk you know people in no mood parish but when you see that parliament building and Buddha pressure on my goodness gracious or that incredible cathedral in Cologne. Out I don't all of these things but again it's the little town said people just look and the other thing Robin. To tour are included. Absolutely we have tours each state dinner included. Which is a a great teacher you know Wheatley gives you the headsets and you don't have to stand right next to the tour their tour guide which. I think is great because you can window shop. You can sometimes by a bottle of wine to take back to the ship and you never leisure tour director. So I think that's really great to. I really always have you know with some additional things if you want to add on but you can make a great vacation and just what we've included and the show up. Still literally if you don't. My superiors. If you don't but I get a massage or do the spot and you don't. Participate there's a couple of optional jurors like you said literally outside of spirits there's not much you're gonna spend any extra money on. Right and you know knew for 2017. We're including wheat beer and wine with slots and all our avalanche ceilings. So I think that's a great value to says literally you know an outside those times I was really amazed the last time was on board. You know even outside of those times if you needed drink. 46 dollars which is you know very very reasonable. You just say four to lose six not forty seconds fit it fit for doctors exaggerate now. You talk about the word value you know I just talked oh my goodness is the wire wanted you wanted to tell us the value that Avalon waterways is offering for. All salience in 2017. So this is fantastic we are going to be offering complimentary air items selected gateways on the for all 2017 ceilings now that's fantastic. However Kansas City isn't one of them but we can get to. We need to a great air program for just 200 dollars a person all the way to year we don't even stop it I mean we will stop it he's aging planes. But I mean you get all lady here for just 200 dollars up. I mean 200 dollars round trip per person had to hit who we all know didn't and if you've not done this. Tomorrow audience. Air depending on the time of the year you go will average I'll let's just say hammered over the course of the river cruise season probably close to fifteen or 16100 dollars a person round trip so. Honestly 200 dollars spectacular. Deal. He was saved thirteen of 14100 dollars or 26 to 2800 dollars per couple none of that is a true value. EU and the other thing that we we've talked about before is. Usually people go on river cruising at Kerr river cruises with a couple of fronts you know we've got a great promo for 2017. Where just eight people. I am become a group and then we have even better values. I'm if you can travel as a group so you know if you have you know a brother or sister in another city our best friend or whomever. I'm if you could hit eight people on the great agents of re cruise holidays would be happy tune in to put that together for you. We're MR Graham -- cause we get kuril drama I'm what about a salary union Alitalia. Lila little kids at home we take your kids your your in laws we can make a memorable memorable vacation you know you talked about our counselors you Robin have had the chance to train our counters you actually have gotten. Several of our counselors on Avalon waterways Mimi and I've been on Avalon waterways. Britney and Kim were just in the odd. They did that to look timed trip I never goes blown away but one of the things they said that I want my body is your round I want you to expound on this. By Avalon made the decision a few years ago on the news ships to. Design their rooms were the beds saves the the window where in the window where you remember most rooms on I'm recur ships are Florida's ceiling and wall to wall windows sliding glass doors French balconies or some have even. An indoor balcony but. Wall to wall of the views and they absolutely love that so that really is true and that's a big different church differentiator. Absolutely we're the only ones in the river Cruz space that have those beds that face the window and I was hockey was cannons and the other agent. And they literally laid in bed and watch the world go by and I've done it myself I'm sure you've done it two. It and it's really a fantastic way. And to relax and to see the world. I had my way and they're usually wanna start when he had a bad believe the curtains opened my goodness and there's that twinkle relies there an athlete you go by you don't towns and everything out of there still awake and alive because those towns stayed awake and alive till late at night. But in the morning it's really special is your traveling down. The river up the river whichever way you're going to be able to see all the sites cause that is the other things are river Cruz Robin there's sites on both sides of the ship. Apps and I'm percent of the time. You know on the Rhine river Cruz and that we do. 24 castles none you know and they eat you have to it's like being that a tennis tournament just go back and forth and back and forums for just some beautiful beautiful site. Yep right left right left right left now on. The values there's still. Some space available in 2016. Correct. Absolutely you know if you still have that vacation money scroll deciding you wanna do something with that we have some great opportunities so we have that free air promotion. Or are selected dates or you can actually save up to 3000 dollars per couple. That's an amazing opportunity and all the agents add Chris holidays have all the details on which states. Are still available I am which we still have some great statements that are available with appearing and make. The U in the bed that faces though the faces the water so clean is please give us a call. Because you know. This this won't last forever. Dads everything is availability controlled and when those ships fill up the deals go away very simply sold it and again the whole key years as if you're revenues were selected. If you can be flexible we can find you some incredible. Values this year or next year. And all I ask you do it. Try a river cruising. You'll love it everybody does I don't think we have any segment of our vacation industry that has a higher degree of satisfaction. Men river cruises so we are open today until three give us a call at 816. 505151050515. Under and remember to call right now we're not open and we don't know until nine. So from nine until three on Saturdays. 81650515. Under or you can check us out on line obviously. Cruise holidays. Casey dot com that's cruise holidays. Casey dot com. Robin any words of wisdom in the last twenty seconds. You know Booker river Cruz and go royals I think that's pretty much sums up all you you know how to from a cardinal fan fellow who really good in the press. Avalon waterways. Walt let's. Cosmos and programmes. You know the biggest touring company in the world that's one reason why on the river cruises we know. That there is value city twelve of these ports are going to be the best guys there are they speaking English the best they know what Americans like. You do such a great job world proud to be a partner with the U. You as well thanks so much free time are thank you and this Smart cover vacation news I'll be right back. Welcome back to vacation views this is mark comfort your whole stand. You know if you're just tuning in now I'll tell you what we. Are in France Mimi and I error in France with our royal family growth and will be back on June. Twelve will be back and then I'll be able to tell you all about that and then you know incredible trips like this. Are something that I hope you and everybody. Does a one of the things we find that more and more and more people are one team didn't do. Is to find unique. And special. Kind of out of the way places that maybe people haven't. Heard of or even thought about as a vacation place and we have one of our agents Alison we knew that her husband Ryan. Go to a destination just a few weeks ago that I'll bet you nobody in my listening audiences ever been to unless. You or your family members have been in the military. And Ryan and Alison want him long month that Allison or even walking him occasional abuse. I'm Mike Reid today. I'm great now how do you view and Orion. Ever heard designed to go to Guam on a vacation. Well I'd just like you fed we have some friends in the military in the air station incompetent a couple of years. He has been asked and then I'm we got what a great opportunity to get all the oil the other half the world and experience. Is so new and exciting culture. While on actually after Guam I am most your trip wasn't Guam with your friends but after that you went to Japan and experienced a little bit of what Tokyo and and nine Japan is all about the let's talk about Guam first of all tell us tell body is a little bit about what did you do what it is who what is there to do end and end in Guam and were the beach is good. You we'd get so much activity while we're out there it's one of the art most active vacations by far. I am any effort because absolutely gorgeous hair water with some of the clear if I have. Ever seen in my life and I am a big beach person I was fairly captive mean it would be that theory out there that. They crystal clear water they mean even when you get out into the open ocean and tap. My wait scene ends and the coral reached historical folks. We did sparkling really jet skiing we didn't just plain mean prominently centered and leaders Monday we. We experienced a local fare which is what I fear things you cannot pretty big comedian that. You know we just had a wonderful beach vacation and come I can't carry almost search. Destination like that was a lot of activity can be ill. You don't Facebook's a wonderful way to share your pictures and memories and we have and a watch you ride your trip all the way through. Come through in Guam and everything match Alison are very are their resorts their shall defeat for people who don't have friends or eliminate long. You out there aren't some and I cut out there we went Cuba wanna Sherri case tracked down a lot there one day in. I've spent the entire day at that poor they have a court just simply pull it got a great. I'm from different restaurants where they've got to help me out outweighed its affiliate there laboratory at them for people who aren't going to stick to defendants in money. And it is isn't Lama and American territory. It is the truth come quite end just being. To DN Fletcher a different culture. And here they could speak English they could the American dollar tax. Poetry a little bit engineer really to be in this type of situation and. Now that adds that's actually fascinating. OK. Moving on Japan were may mean people know who meg country a little bit more or at least are a little more intrigued. Would you can't you were in Tokyo what. Did you think it Tokyo Allison. It wasn't it was pretty crazy come to touch the big cities how many people. I have always has been fascinated with Asian culture and food at the palace Canada by terrorists destination from Erie area and that the big city so it's kind of play keep track. New York really leave they have kind of like at Times Square area that we spent front men. I'm weeks ago fish markets and McCartney and faring nation rich in history and culture falcon. I'm it was definitely sensory overload the other some Ecstasy and dealers so it's quite an adventure. I think you said that they had a lot of marine ways like Kyle we would know Central Park in New York City. I'd certainly unclear in the big city but they have these the car and thing green spaces and what's really unique about them is. Because I didn't call their city than face New York thing if you know preserve Canada all shiny and then some of these old bitch you know closely 300 year old being treated they have. And it happens once and control. Viewing station at the garden earlier and all. I can of the basketball world jelly. Well I'm an and I know the Asian culture and let's say specifically the Japanese culture is is just fascinating night in and you and I were laughing and I I said did you go to CNA's sumo wrestler. He confessed and we'd happily spent more extreme here we're only there for a couple of like unfortunately that it would have been one of the things I would have loved to defeat it have been. I'm big sins they just like there's really a thing of the past but it's definitely. Come alive and how a lot of historical culture. Is still. Really frightening dimension Q okay. You know we had some idea that hotel weird thing and it works just in their traditional kimono Gartman operations. It was almost like watching history come to life before your highest. So you did you didn't allow Ryan goes study the geisha girls situation. They're I don't. Today you know I don't feel like he pleaded and I get to the opportunity to do this kind of. God that's just do Melancon. Sorry about that much the other so much history I'm sure there was or did you see any World War II history there. She you know it was it would not essential into our particular church at this time around. But it's definitely you weaved into the culture there and it. Umbilical mommy and in Tokyo just and I. And promote. Until warned that happened there and then you know displayed your pal Pat Tillman the different areas into com. Yeah and I know a lot of times there's a little less of that thin non. I in parts of the world war may be the war didn't go all the way you have country wanted to grains so let me ask which you're gonna switch gears totally Allison right now to the fact you and Ryan are really what we would call newlyweds married how long. Still newlyweds they're still twin goals of your eyes I know that does that need all the time now what time where have you been Alison you and Ryan together that really stood out is like a very special vacation to you both. You know really our honeymoon always should be catch a special contract we went view of Mexico. And though premiere client could create a holiday didn't act and we stayed in one of the current meridor. I'm vilified all inclusive resort and it would shift. We weren't treated like we your team thing queen turned really leader broke college kids can compete. You know we can't swear. In an impairment or we can truly connect can be together and how will always hold a special place actress short. In all that is and that just they're not done more romantic especially wanting room which is what you want then a beautiful ocean and great. Gorgeous beaches great. Absurd like can early in the speech press senator talent reality. I can tell I'm glad you're sure. While let me ask. Let me ask you this sub bucket list trips IA IBM anything else like Guam and I. I'm Lisa come off my really really big back illness so our opportunity here in the next couple appearances and a this spending and I'm increased whether it be Mediterranean cruise or if we can get into Korean inexperienced and and the culture and could be chess match and then you're tied. Are you a history guy agent history lover Allison or is Ryan euros. I AM more than. Art history lover definitely campaign I am very very injured and. Boies Eli guard in history be in Athens. And the at one time and then was the number one museum and the world. Is the brand new museum right at the maze of the Acropolis you know or the Parthenon and I. And they've got all the sculptures sent a lot of the things that. You know. Moron. Acropolis Parthenon that fell down knocked down English stolen they were got a record later whatever was. But I you have to go to that museum board that is just amazing amazing amazing now about how about Orion where else would you wanna go. Oh goodness you know he is I'm trying to. About outdoor if he's hi Jennifer fishermen tell. No pressure Velasquez on his back gallon. Come to recruit and Italy and portion of solid very scary they want him. Does he ever talked about doing African safari. Yeah he's funny yeah. I know it's about their hunch here at something masks. Everybody's kind of seen and about how you are getting so much more and more popular and I'm Dina Molder in the nature and all of that is if I'm have to. So I get a beer I'll. Yeah you just tell me you know I'm I'm I'm not honor and you go to Africa had a hunt Smith or you don't ever got to take photos tell him I'd be happy to. Help him out with a photo safari. I. They'll hey I'm Allison and our last minute and about ten seconds. Thereof you you've been with us quite awhile you've seen all the people you work was so many people like my producer Scott here. The exciting to work with people planning a dream vacation. It is it's so much fun because you know everything looks at you how big or small is special. And it's. And I agree Connors to be able to put so much payments and it's. I'm an extension to honor our customers and the European morning. I'm Q can help them play in the perfect vacation pretty clear and they're going to an area of the world that they having no idea what to expect. To be able that come alongside band and make those dreams a reality check some data that's come. Absolutely amazing. Yeah that's and that's what I'm doing right now I'm with my royal family group and the only thing better than helping to plan our customers vacation is actually we wish them all there ready to. It's like what I do when Mimi does when his role family trip and getting them to see and expand that as some of the things that grew and we will have seen and we're going to see. Well Alison you do such a great job and I thank you for joining me today because I literally. In my entire life outside of people in the military not known anyone. They'll want to Guam. Good taste and well thank you so much happening like in you can tell a great time out there. Well done well there will talk to you later that Alison waiting on this is mark comfort make Casey Hughes I'll be right back. They welcome back to vacation it is this is our last segment today end. Again if you're just tuning in now how cool is that to be able to tell you that today. I am I just left for the are royal family group Paris yesterday. And we are on our way to see Normandy. And in two days will be an armory were on the river Cruz on the same river that's SE IA and eat Americans seem to college saying. But the French call a cent store on the sand river out of Paris on north. To Normandy were seen all those incredible sites. Rule land. Is is tomorrow then we go to Vernon and two last Sunday Els and leave your pronounce and I'll have all these pronunciation is down when we get back. Where I'm Monet. Has his garden center is home and did a lot of is stating. But you know what again that that this trip was designed. Especially. For those in our royal family group to be able to maybe in Normandy. On the 72. Anniversary of and I will tell you all about that next week when I get back but. How are you in here I'm. Here something else that I knew I shouldn't talk about the first segment literally. Two weeks ago. We were at our annual all. I cruise holidays convention which is now called vacations dot com convention. Because the cruise holidays international. Our parent company called our franchise or. Has been has merge to win vacations dot com. One of the largest. Vacation. Selling. Conglomerates. In the world. Literally. Two point seven billion actually they've told us they'd probably end up this year being closer the way it's going ran out of two point nine maybe even three billion. Dollars worth of vacation. And sales and that steps just amazing that speech. Usually not a business. Two out of every three people again on an ocean cruise. Or a river crew is a bit more for river cruises go through a vacation dot com agency. So long that's were we were and I gotta tell yeah I was so long blamed a Mimi and higher on the board of vacation dot com we're asked to be on the board that was quite an honor. And if you remember about a year ago we were inducted into the our cruise line international association's hall of fame. And Don I was just fascinated how many people a year later. Were commenting and complementing and congratulating. Me unionized for that induction into the hall of fame. So I guess kind of like George Brenner Len Dawson will shields. Will learn there that's. Who else anybody else from the NCA others and other cheap for too white you are my apologies for forgetting about did its job. It it's just one of those things it's a huge honor the twelfth and thirteenth. Travel agent. Agents in the history of the travel agency world to be. Inducted into the hall thing we're pretty darn proud of that and I'm so much going on but the one they wouldn't you'd hear about that common. Denominator. With all of the vendors never must amend. Three hundred vacation vendors there showing us what was moved telling us what to kind of incentives are sales they're gonna have for the last half of the year. Getting us one in us to promote you know their different cruise line is whether it's ocean cruises river cruises are all inclusive resorts. Bill was you know whatever might be on my gosh the one constant the constant thing we heard from everybody. Was. There's going to be a lot of great last minute the values. For this year yet so that tells me that there's still a lot of unsold space. And you know the thing is the vacation industry is very strong. So this is telling me that there's a lot of supply out there are a lot of supply. You know you've probably. Heard me talk about or use our red may be about all of the the gigantic increase of ocean cruise ships. A river cruise ships. And frankly use can't believe the number. Of new all inclusive resorts. That are springing up all all over. Mexico and the Caribbean. And Jamaica are the end Dominican Republic and our robot Barbados and Saint Lucia and Grenada and they look. Mama's everywhere. It is just mind boggling and the other constant denominator. Is everybody. Is trying to come out was something that's. A little bit better. And what their competition hands and that's the way keep ahead of the competition but remember my eight beginning talk in the first segment about it's your choice for the you take good. Better or best. Why aren't telling you right now. The opportunities if you can be flexible and go yes this summer or fall and take advantage as some of these great last minute deals. You can get you good to you get better for the price are good you get best for the price of better. There're so many incredible values just like you were Robin piper more than. The globe his family of brands and Avalon waterways is talking about there are still some free air promotions. Was several of our river cruise companies. There are some two full one promotions. There's all these on the river cruises the hot thing this year is the the river markets the Christmas markets they call him. Which is right after Thanksgiving and right before Christmas those about three and a half weeks. Well there are some fun in nominal values but if you can be flexible I'd encourage you call us today. Our next week or whenever you can. Go online and check us out cruise holidays. Casey dot com our website has a lot of these specials. Cruise holidays. KC dot com. And our phone number will open a nine we close at three. He's 816505151050515100. New week confined do you. Great value. On whatever kind of vacation you're looking for caused them values are out there. Last minute deals it's just amazing that's kind of the name of the game for this late on this summer actually. And fault. And early winner K we can compute no matter what it is what I say I wanted to argue about. It is just. Cool as can be enemy that we are still selling America out of that the Danube River cruise I'm Holstein. In. October late October the twentieth of October. Going through November 4. And why it's a wine themed cruise Don and Jennifer Stanton with the winds by Jennifer RY knows Peter and run our we've grown our restaurants here in Kansas City. Now in new York and also on Deanna. Peter will be with us and he is going to be. Are mirror. Com an expert at our destination expert and worse still selling the heck out of the cell Budapest to Prague if you are interest and give us a call and we can talk yell about it we have not any for. Think tank for 96 people going on this incredible trip together so we're gonna be really two thirds. Of his brand new on the Stella. River cruise ship were on on Danube River October 28 through November 4. And parish is where we start on. We end up and they'll soften and then you can go up to Prague or most of us are going. Aren't going to Prague some people are going to Munich. Either flying homer stand in Munich if they've parties in Prague it's give us Scully 16. 505151050515100. Where you know what if you wanna join us to India on a fascinating really unique. Group trip and and it's a royal family Germany Mimi and IRS courting this next one to February 24 through march 8 it's 87 night cruise on the Ganges River on a lock schori river Cruz 28 weeks. And then the five days before that will be up in the New Delhi area C in the Taj mall and all those historic sites. Up in the northern part or that part of India where New Delhi is whatever it is that you might be looking forward by the way the world so in August doing the rocky mountain here. Training experience into the Canadian Rockies. So whatever it is you're looking for give us a call we'd be happy to help you be 1650515100. Or cruise holidays Casey dot com and remember you deserve a great vacation.