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Jun 16, 2016|

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access. And leading give us your connected few at the X-Factor you'll enjoy it. Real solutions. I connect with Jason on Twitter. Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at grilled nation show dot com. Welcome your host and grill nation always dressed up and then. Even in a radio studio. Is Jason grill. Hello and welcome to grill nation with chasing very listen to talk nine EAM and talk 980 AM dot com appreciate you joining us is well on iTunes and tune in radio as tools that grill nation show. Dot com. Fun show today I'm joined today by guess coasting contributor. And partner girl nation in group bash from the dash group welcomed the showing under hey Jason thanks for joining me again glad to be here. Good to see you and really excited about today show on today's show we are going to have Stacey cross sees the founder and managing partner of in. Enjoy procure food and drink and we're gonna have robbing Krause who is the owner of on bakery in history and a partner at the filling station Andrew very excited about these yes I'm excited about them too because I've. Tense up freak winning either one of their establishment so. Can't wait to awaits and everybody should be doing as well I agree yeah what do think our partners and supporters of grill nation with Jason guerrilla their trust bank of Kansas City the Basque group Andrew bash. And here it's very attorneys or law John King here it's being I catalyst government affairs Danny Pfeiffer the Reagor Casey. This coast and you see power light district in last not least two us advisors and Ryan Reid had some really good shows lately you can check them all out at grill nation showed dot com. On her and our on our podcast page and also at I teams I appreciate all those who have joined us. On the high teens page and last three shows have been our three most popular shows of the year site greatly appreciate that it it loads up to I teams. Every Saturday after our show airs. All seem connect with me on Twitter at in Jason grill and at grill nation chip. In their battle to welcome our guests of the show today they're going to be with us for the full hour today we have against Stacy cross and Robin Krause what's up girls ladies aria it is an. No. Senator bash one to tell a little bit about how you know these two great Kansas City and so. I almost feel bad for the. Because they have to be bothered by me almost daily. Robbins. Cellist visit like 63 in between oak and home and focus homes and it's the un bakery. And if you're looking for Jews whose. The and options for food Tellme. What else diplomats tell senator Ed Berliner and yet I think it's for exciting new development. It's pretty much fun what ever you needed to me. Anglia in England area. We pretty much strain feed everybody that has issued allergy not very. You know singer for you returned at all. Can get. Suites there that are not there. Not surveys. Never used on natural senator like a 100% maples are at an email nineteenth. We do a lot of raw. And desserts that are actually good for you in in for practice like the cheesecake. I've had that for breakfast and actual attempts. Is so not typical breakfast but it works really well when your being supposedly helping isn't healthy when Jiri that's do you think it's better than the alternative yeah everybody yeah. A little further south and like a 104 of the mission farms then I saw open seas Stacey and her new the bogeys or what how old are these got places out. Out of the same yes we are barely in April and then enjoy yeah and then they opened and so Stacey. Knows about enjoy it. Well I used to be opened in April and let's get in mission farms and we are just kind of a silly since you really healthy fees on the count as as this PM bakery. We do you have a pretty full menu for access. Clinton dinner were open and 7 AM to 8 PM and he really tight to to be like hopeful restaurant where you don't have to. Like I did for many years got a hold safety alliance against emerald sea into thirds camera to get the speedier let you know we're just when you put it all together in one place and the that you can get. I really healthy lunch salad arable. Or Amundson affinity or use. So I just wanna say this because part of why I want to have both these fantastic women on on the air and us today is in the capital of Barbie Q Kansas City where everybody thinks all we are as a barbecue town. Dirt to. Like leading the charge kind of women that are saying no there's other alternatives for food out there we don't have to be just this meat and potatoes kind of mid western. Place which. You know if you are moving here from the coast like in new driver in Kansas city new stumble upon enjoy her young baker you feel like you just won the lottery because. There's not a lot of options out there for people who are trying to do. No vegetarian or begin base in the nurse still. I think I don't know both of you do I know you Stacey has some options for like chicken Turkey and you down there there it's not like. It's I think both places do a great job of not being intimidating. So that you can walk in there and there are they're both amazing and everyone that works there. Of allowing you to feel comfortable ask questions and kind of figure out what is this all about because the hardest part I think. We're trying to adopt a different kind of lifestyle or just even you know add a little bit to what you're doing that's different than what you're used to. Is like where you even start and I just wanna tell both do you think you and the city. Needs you guys to be doing what you're doing so that there's other alternatives out there so thank you. Thank you thank you for our acknowledging now because we. We really set out to be a bridge for people that may not feel like got back to healthy choice every time you know they. You know we wanted to be there for people that yes they won and that plant based option one and the organic growth alive you know vital fitted it. You know if there would agree that people from their office you know we wanted to also has something for it are people that may not be as familiar with you know. That type of meeting and that really healthy plant based eating so we consider ourselves to be a bridge suited to explore. This world and yes we do you have the next to Kelly cool with tic and and are getting sick and an organic teas on it but you know it's. It's got an amazing and are healthy thing and it here and it tastes great though I mean. Chicken and Turkey and things like that we don't do beef and down that we went stay clean and pure as possible with our means that. It's very minimal but we do we do when to be inclusive and not just exclusive too small to people. They run you're adding to that. And I think I agree with that I think it's like the ripple effect comic you can affect ten people and they each affect one person. You're just gonna make everybody feel bitter start talking about how amazing the food. Great they felt afterward. I mean you are what you eat. Robin you've been doing this for awhile rent this little while. We have about a minute left in this first segment and our second third fourth segments we're gonna get in the count more many Trish were gonna unit kinda how these. He success frontrunners are there business and kind of talk about what's going on here in Kansas City. But also a talked to Robinson the Philly station it's it's very well known place in them midtown right. Midtown air air air as it is it is big martini corner union hill. Yeah well I can't I. It opens four and then had a full bakery Donnan downtown I mean we've print shots too late oval and our downtown airport last word in. The rock stars in. I was unaware that but I've had a lot of coffees in the meetings at the one in downtown or the downhill yeah yeah. The affordable. I had four. Amateur partners on most about a year and a half alma Steelers and their doing an amazing job. They plan on expanding and growing because fats are added and go alone do by myself yeah true gathered amazing I chose wisely. We're talking today to Stacy cross and Robin crowds were right back after the break also joining me today is injured bashed the founder end of the match group he need real standard Nina house and the constant interaction. Freddie under Europe's fluid could not do listen to grow nation thanks to a school. Then past them then. Can't stand up and don't you mind. You don't know when we begin though you'll want to. Number they reject Timo. Welcome back to grow nation was chasing girls talked 988 AM and talk nine Canadian dot com also appreciate you joining us. And I in. And grill nation show. Dot com back after the break with the two successful entrepreneur Stacy cross the founder managing partner into a curfew injuring. Located admission farms and it rubbing Krause is the owner on bakery geez three and a partner at the filling station. We have we like death random questions here from time to time and usually Andrew and also joining me today is Andrew bashing in for the match rupees a rock star. Aegis you should seem in the studio right now he's. He's owning it but anyway it's we liked as random questions we'll get back and nutrition and in your businesses the last few first. Stacy was your first celebrity crush. My. Brother Robin the same question. Iris Agassi Michael tax and I mean Michael Jackson that was my age do you even hesitate them. You know lake. Booze and Iraq's Jagger Keith Richard. It is like you guys like me those are good on ya that's great. It was guys or older the new recruits aren't you know London. Our guys Robin tell us elegant kind of how you guys kind of start the companies like how did you actually decide to get started to do this to start business in the news that rattles are. Well I've been doing this type of thing for her. Fourteen years almost. I just landed do something healthy errors so I started. Studying nutrition and health coaching. The C read that. Would end up. I personally felt horrible I was drinking a ton of coffee and a bakery and I literally that's all way. Imus started I had adrenal that he gets started the stress levels are incredible at five businesses. That are running them completely by myself down. Pretty much self healing and then that when I started to feel better I just wanted to share that with everybody and it's really not that hard and it's the discipline if that is the hardest part. But being healthy is not that hard everybody can do it it's on northstar. Interest so I wanted to take it to that. And I wasn't cleaning and doing another coffee to use. Food establishment but it's in my blood that's who I am that's what I know how to do. And till incorporate it. Airing today we're akin to health coaching in the classes the am the one on one time with customers at an incredible. Quick question about coffee. I drink coffee you drink it I it's and I wonder about that because a lot of people say you know it's it's good for you it's bad for you should have won las and everything and again. Everything is that it's moderation it's all about balance and that's for the discipline comes as the I think the hardest part. I than we did Clinton says that I have a coffee addict the last clan fight on her history Kathy you need but I Aybar and organic green tea. The substitute for the coffee for three days. Britain caffeine. Like when I've. I used to do what six shots. I was no it's if you get a lot of shots and Claude in the morning. A two shot in the middle of day and then a four shot of the in the today that's exactly what I was doing and when I deep I don't know all the talking about our and a fourth shot this process. We have been. Like I literally was sick for a week who is a school like withdrawal pains which I was shocked by. I didn't mind slowly Irish ten green tea and now at this point I blend all of my organic teas and starting a holds he lines though that's what I can offer to people so they don't crash down. He can act on them. We do a bulletproof kospi and enjoying this kind of around. Now the real Levitt and so it has in CT oil which is Sweeney entry change greatness right away islands progress and batter. And there's a hole like this men around bulletproof I don't think I and it cinnamon and mine and I you know it's that it is weaker Reyna idea and then. Stacy didn't want me they are it was a Friday you let me try and I sold five houses. Buyers and Austin negotiated peace treaty so it's really good. So OK guys on the tucked you Docklands its responses I mean. Do these things work I mean they really if you got done and I've done three of them I guess my life I did one that was like brutal was like eleven days I mean it was. UP DA is one of the old you know. On these key ones I think but then I did indeed defer to the actual prestigious. You know and I I've who I've I felt like I had a little a little more energy obviously a loss of way. The woody it would it what do you think about this obviously it's a trend right now people are doing a more earth with with press uses. Thank you guys are not I'm just gears because that did you read articles all the time that are like this is the best thing in your area and be like. I think most of its marketing if you ask me I think. Clintons are incredible but a lot of people are pushing their own type of Clinton and then they're just I mean no one type of clan fun everybody. We. I actually sit down with its plans customer for like 1520 minutes figure out their schedules like how often eat what type affinity like figure out what they are doing right now and then customize their clintons to them as a lot of people. You can't just have six cleaners excuses dropped off by your doorstep and just drink that. Holiday not everybody can do that actually may need shoes that could yeah. I didn't I agree as the U. I don't you're setting them up for failure but hey you've got her back to your pocket but. With media and you heat on your Clinton says they're fat soluble vitamins that if you don't have a good healthy fat like. An umpire or not Cirque a phenomenal feeling that you are wasting your money. So we do salad lead to. Tonic shots in the morning they start with. Water that I infused with. Medicinal properties such incredible. Eleventh and what clintons and I you do eat. We end that went like a golden meld with semantic and. And so I think that that is a 100%. The way to count the way to rather menacing testing and insist. It's more sustainable and I think going into clans Australia have the right mindset eat. Can't think of it as like you know it's just going to be community perfect acted as Tony to detoxify my body and I got Jack your regular variety of these minutes is an area that it resets your body like ex cons you down a little bit comes down and I justices and and comes down your all your kind of your. Things that high Q upload any kind of calmed down in your body sourcing you know kind of let go Labatt and that's. You know it is a winner Reese that in and it is also need to you need to go into it slowly and you need amounted to and I just crashed okay today's and that's it. Are you if you already eat really clean through do you still gonna benefit from clones. Yeah absolutely and I think most of it is just giving a Clinton is giving your body separate him like your digestion system just to break. We do salads but I mean you can. Leave it out in this it'll melt the little somebody is scary concurrent with that. Philippines thought he would just for a second. There's just giving your body and. So wait till Robin how would I how would they do this so I say. I'm actually in town for we wanna get back. I wanna say Robin let's let's are your plans instead of go until one of the keys played other keys places the distillers bottles to me every week. I ask you work. Well I would figure out why your detox thing blank what's gone on the I have I have I do chemo patients as well feathers on on another level then but I would figure how many days he went into 321 Hyundai. And how many times EDT work out in the you know. More energy Q I have a lot of India you know customers back and how many Shatner. They don't do this triggered juices that citrus juices. Here's figure out what you are doing. And then I would give you a tonic water. Regis as we do larger cases are not the sixteen ounce to about eighteen ounces. And you would cat laps on the Fallon and your choice I would have to do. And you know. So I am very soon so this is with Ian Baker right. Hmmm so do we show up there are now does this work I mean yeah I. Ernie do we to show my picks up but yeah I don't deliver right now owned so it's a pick out we have it's right there as wealthy just holiday and email me. When you're gonna do it yeah I mean and we can get over the phone we can do email and then you just drive through pick up it's ready the next day Ian who. I haven't weirdest question for broad view. Pastoral oil. Have you heard of this yet yeah I've never come with a I've known you know and so what you know there's guys I have a friend to doses Dowell somewhere big experiment yeah well. And she had their kid there's she's truly a teaspoon or so and of Castro loyal to killed the some insider but came later we're government has wondered with the two of you knowing so much unity and I'm talking about. Not up on that topic now. China and a motor oil and again. Castor oil like I am partisan affiliate that's. Wow yeah that is my problem to a mean there's so much stuff on the Internet. That you can read something that says one thing another thing is I guess I know I really intense that's really wanna say real quickly is I'm sitting here watching the two of these. Wonderful women they like. Stacy sitting there nodding she clearly like gets what Robbins talking about. And it these are places that you should all go visit and at least start. Investigating. Some of the stuff because it. It's what you were saying about the marketing it's not just about the market it's about the the proprietor of the place and actually cares about did. You coming in it's not about just I mean. Look I know these places are like super like you know dollar. Hamburg fry kinda vote establishments but the same time you're also benefiting from. Both of your expertise which is what people need a lot to get started on us. Yeah about a minute left in the semi guys. Other question real quick lots do baskets wanna you can answer is what would be your advice to someone who wants to get involved nutrition. Went into into their own things you're doing that I. Around the detecting if I would do a lot of research there are a lot of schools out there that say that they are. The best and they're gonna offer you. The best education and nutrition but there's certain types of nutrition into since January gonna take it are you going to market yourself are you weren't you know you gonna marketing right now at some of them that only teaches how to market yourself they don't actually teach you. The nutritional basics or how to. On Clint somebody properly or. If you do you could be a dietitian I mean tens on where you're gonna take them so a lot of research. To figure out why you're doing and and look at the schools on line there about fifty schools online and half of them are. Not going to carry. Around. Graded myself word we're talking to Stacy Carlson robbing Krause today for the show all the nutrition and we break back after the break. The more rural nation. They are saying traverse and are. I know our family and delayed and I'm still in America being mr. Icahn's name like him given that he's been hanging. He's been so much stuff. Welcome back to grill nation with chasing growth. My AD AM in talks 980 AM dot com hope you're having a great day appreciate those listening to on iTunes and tune in radios wells relationship dot com joining you in this segment. Binder bash. Yes coast contributor partner gorilla nation founder of the bash group are real estate company hearings in the city welcome back hander are going. Summertime you must be busy. I mean even when they browsers on there they're looking for houses and you have. I haven't since I think all of on the back there rocks are entrepreneurs that are making me feel like I need to. Did and shape insert eating healthier we had Stacy cross is the founder of energy partners enjoy pure feud injuring and Robin Krause is the owner of an bakery in G Surrey. Indy partner at the filling station you've all been there and heard of it and quick question will get an Anders serious questions here and second with Serafin another fun question. If you could be an anyone's mine for 24 hours in the world who would it be you can exchange. You're minding get into their mind for 24 are suited the past or present day either roar. In her LSU I always love my wife soon. So could very decree was migratory birds here is getting running. Nobody. There we go and I'd like to just figure out of the in my town. And I says I am having a hard time keeping up with myself and life like I am all. Knowing means everything. If it's enough keeping I think everybody unsigned and lifted this. President Lawrence genius very narrow tree for hours. Love in my mind and. The love to see you guys let's let's cut to peel back the union a little bit into yet question when I want ask Stacey. About how she got started in her business as well and and I want both of you to help me understand. And help listeners understand like. How you went from what is your world look like this before you became business owners com and then what. What happened and where you decided to open up your own into the filling station when other business commitments and. NASA might answer is really answering this question because I came to. Where I am today and enjoy your feet and trained and very roundabout way. So I'll start with the immediate. Past which was I was running a company called VDV six. And traveling. Literally all over the country I was all over the country east west north south and every week I straddling a lot. We had the house is right to distribute the only new porn video to every house on the country's first time parents we. Indiscretion is 95% hospitals so there's your company worker he started the scope myself and and their partners and while and sell. Meeting with all you know alt. Blocks of life in the business. Advertising Johnson Johnson Procter & Gamble and on hospitals and all the images in his system very busy. So this this. This insurer lasted about five years and I was as deacon at the time traveling. Like crazy. Trying to keep my energy up and be healthy. And I and and after awhile after your year I was you know I was going into every whole thing is a good sign in Birmingham Alabama or Cincinnati area and Los Angeles in New York is pretty easy to find healthy student. I was console on the piano and I was thinking oh this is ridiculous you know it's really hard to find healthy stated when you're on the go on trying to you know keep energy out. And health in a healthy way. And in so eventually you know kind of had this national footprint in mine said. Needs to be hampering that I can unit people entity anywhere in the country that says. You know that that has integrity as being healthy. Natural year you know but mostly like you know vital you know finalizing and yeah I bring defeated in a really good and they sit in so. It really that's what I can and it was kind of slashed its came to me one day and I. Decided and then I eventually ran it I mean it took me about a year to you to actually say you know let's consisting thing and and I you know at their business plan together. And this hard in my life to about three years you know fit in and going from corporate. You know at corporate world and different out I was in television for twenty years going for that corporate world serious thinking. That I'm stepping into this world of health and wellness. I really wasn't my training but I really believe that in the past mine that I believed it really could list people and in in changed their lives so. I have sent happening in business plans together and raising capital so I have investors in this venture. And really tell on the story yes we're gonna grow we're gonna make an impact and just in Kansas City that behind. And that is artful even though only two months old is still. You know have a vision for making an impact and really you know helping people eat healthier on account everywhere. So that is Titanic into it and that is you know Austin. Where were you like where are you working before you started the baby basics like what was TV right. I was so I've enter or re selling like. I was selling and I. I television amortized okay alerts CBS. OK I cents gotcha and KC TV hearing Kansas City and CBS and Phoenix and you know ran around and now I did have acute situation and feeling like you know and what is in my doing to make an impact on the lives of others well. You know I really felt like it was about in mark. Also analysts are both our advertising for a gallon out so it was I I just silly you know. This is a little bit more of items from my heart than ruining it for. Robin Robin. I never had the cubicles. Time I've never done my time alone and I am Ali. I'm always had. Tons of people I mean it's always been. Very high energy very. Personal and I've never had to sit by myself and two cubicle time as I am. I pretty much Scott intent because there are certain things that jobs that I wanted to do and manage other people's businesses and I just wasn't a lot to do it sounds. What goes your first job. A real job really god yeah. I mean I've never had it there real jobs and managing coffee shops that is that's always been the real job. And that's pretty much where I got my training. So where was the first coffee shop you work Iowa where it's that muddies coffee shop a country that and managed high hat coffee shop for a couple years Erica. An and I just bounce around from here I. Image Mehdi is was wearing got started men. Okay so what Zimmerman I had the better discredits the car that's great but what was your defining moment like when I was like I can do this on the sub main engine other people and open my own choice. Well I mean I loved it there I really dead but I just I thought there could be other locations around town. And they had art openings relocations. Though. I just I worked so much so I figured why me why not just so my. It's amazing and I mean you work at the way that I see and now I went I am glad. I see it as an I consult with newcomers I wanna open their own business and wanna get started to leave their corporate if they aren't happy event. With self employment and being an owner operators Foley you. Where a hundred now to work less than forty later you get to give people. A chance to experience in her experience your creativity. Like howdy UC how do you want instant case. You get to make an impact on their life now with. Or she you earlier than Maine you've been managing teams for your entire career yeah. Whether it was working for someone else or for yourself. Yeah actually muddies their daughter works from hearing it's this kind of what I can say I. Am. At that he's had ages Encino dead dead dead drive soups and I GO CC in Romario question for you assumed. One word of Europe from a standpoint of like. To be an entrepreneur. Writing and start your own thing whatever it might be at hand what is. May not want let's say 33. Characteristics that you think Herm us. Recent parents are. Vision and our. I think creativity don't be afraid if he had. Don't let fear get your way down millions billions of people do. There is a way. And don't be afraid to ask for help that was my biggest thing as a cat on how to do that Howell a. He's running running from your peers or your friends or your many or blood anybody your customers began there. As far as our what do you wanna see what do you want. They are most important people. Completely agree etiquette you have to have more customers human error you know if they don't give feedback to mean obviously probably get a lot but it some of it is very helpful. CC were and it's. I say so yeah ask for lots of help that's the key because he can't we can't know everything. And you know I never open a restaurant ran a restaurant you know any of that sound. Nine days on how I intercept Michael's mess in our return you know menu and work with me on the recipes and then urged uses. I work with Karen can't. It goes by the G Scott is that she's really run on in this town for doing cheeses and use lenses and lose these retreats and her partner tests masters he is kind of world renowned in designers meet these and so. Disconnect you know you just pull people together he can do what you you know 22 and a complete your vision or two and the vision together from so. That I can and Dinah I'm on ever and we are really couldn't I mean. Can estate debt that I really went in the integrity of people. Out expertise. You have the of this the key cabinet there it's like we're talking politics of all the advisors and Smart people around you. OK so let's go back to the rule quickly than a minute left passion and perseverance when you guys talk about that. What drives you because when. You just mention quickly that like we wanna be all over right then and Robin do you have sort of that same kind of what is it dated day air is like a bigger plan what's it look like for both of you. I think me attend my blackness it's natural and parity between then patients are houk. They'll vest and Woodside this week and any other time health club come breaking news radio ads so it's. It's just to lie down and that's part of keeping up with myself. And always you think bigger and it keeps you going in mean. You know and in mine mind really is the place from a place the service we are really wholeheartedly as. I'm in service to help others at a better life experience you know if you feel better at all stars hotly pitting your body. You live here today and if you feel good if you feel a great. You are unstoppable I mean there's so much you can do when you feel great and your healthy. When you have low energy and not feeling so hot new. Limits you fell. That's right. Stacy trust's founder enjoy pure food and drink and Robin Krause under oath under eight reduce re back with us after the break for our final segment new senior grooming. Welcome back to real nation was chasing girls talked 980 and talked and ADM dot com. And on iTunes and grill nation show and dot com fraud or podcasts photos of our guests and it snapped some photos here in the second number two also much foreigners any Andrew put those up on the web site. As well one of thinking get our partners and supporters of gorilla nation there trust bank of Kansas City to bash group can hear it's very catalyst. Rigor Casey. We're back with Stacy cross and Robin Krause. Stacy is the founder enjoyed pure feud injuring condition farms and Robin Krause is the owner of the un bakery in just three. And brook side is the as a partner in the filling station. Or with Andrew bash from the basher of his wealth for our final segment today it's been a great show. Ladies and gentlemen I've been very have learned a lot and excited to learn more so later as a a big topic a B question you once he started with the so well. And. OK so just. They see in Robin started seem mean amore merely as a result of watching a movie. That I could only watch Kazaa was in bed with the bad and I issue and couldn't see saw it was a laid up for a couple days. We could only listen to podcasts and quote unquote watch or listen to documentaries. And unfortunately and fortunately I watched slush listened to forks over knives. Which I'm curious to see what the two of you have to think of have a yellow little 32 Alec what do you think about that or any other movie or just the whole movement well the premise for a quick hander. Armed forces he Rahm to also promise of forks of an arms. Well it's been awhile since I've seen an incident is it about via the feed industry you well basically they have two different doctors and yellow I don't know. I don't dame and he are hold. Deal on China as well all this information about god it's so hard so many of those seriously they already gathered feeding. They that sickened nearly dead and had sickened nearly dead to either but amazing. Motivational. Documentaries. For severing Nyhan is there all of that. You know they're all really great addict clinics is seeing this incest and and the than manufactured to the industrialized states as men and harm our big farms the agriculture and big government and. I open parents where you need is you don't get that information. On FaceBook you don't get on insect damage that's pretty much all people look at. To have it all compiled in ten million to it opens people's eyes lets you know what's going on accidental and that's really gonna fade babe. Incredible she's amazing she app pretty much goes to all of those big companies. And if blows them you know I mean she it and covers all of their darkest secrets. And I think it really speaks to what you're eating like what is the feed that your opening her mouth where they come from what's NN and that's why we stress. You know organic is that you know we you know that it's not filled with pesticides or. You know like in the in even the need. Where does that chicken come from where that beef. You know now when I'm going to all of those. Portland Oregon as well. Thirty farms they what was the dirty twelve that you're talk over the winners are saying it's you know it's like even the chicken you know like. Anyway the vibrancy of defeated you know I do not want to tune in Parma the idea none more so and threw a chicken so I was from and then yes I always thought that their luck competitive format. Good good can go on guys let's look I don't newest tie. You about the on the dirty dozen anti tip off Al fair yeah. The dirty dozen is a list of vessels in the street that the Environmental Working Group it's not and and the the idea is that if you go organic with this these twelve vegetables and fruits that you'll eliminate 90% of them. Pesticide residue in your body so when real amazing because it's only like it's your lettuce is it to buries your pizzas you know things like that. You know you can really like. Really hone in on and and you'll do your body world of anything in just keep it to this while remaining a little beyond. Italy here Calif fearless is dispensers and all that that then the theories and everything else so. Check it out and Canada it's the dirty dozen and it's the EWT. Dot or is lately I find. But until we really at an. So Andrew you watched this movie. Or listen to or whatever which dries you and then you doesn't change. Well I was a vegetarian for a long time I live in California and then I came back and it was the night of the American royal barbecue contests and I was lines run. I remember exactly where I was it was an over Owen seventy and I all of sudden decide an army barbecued tonight I hadn't had meet Mike I don't know 67 years. Can remember and then my diet the only meat I would eat was in Ann Arbor and barbecue tonight Melissa. And I've probably stated somewhat true that for a long time that anyway. And then the movie. Definitely. Will open your eyes to from a health perspective if you wanna if you wanna throw away all other aspects of and call conspiracy theories BS or whatever which I it. It would be nuts to do from a health perspective the cleaner you can eat healthier you will be. And the happier now have a lot of angry people in the world and it's they're not really injury it's as they just don't feel that they had they have been like Stephanie I was of oxygen your baby like we had TV Trace. And if you had TV Daria but that's like Hamburger Helper attending homer but so a lot of these people they don't know what feeling good feels fine. They have no clue say they think that their normal they have allergies they have done you know. Ira my now Sharon they have joint issues term you know I have a badge holders like knowing you're you're inflamed as belliard Jerry your body is fighting so hard. And that told CMOs thing I know that we're talking about on brain. Is. There's it's every. I mean you can be as clean as you possibly can but it's in the room right now we're breathing in its from the parents in the water and from your shower water at ten years shampoos conditioners toothpaste it's everywhere so. The kind. If your body you break an eating more organic and doing that Clinton's quarterly hears something at it helps your body. Fight the every day about. And then the real quickly how how can people do this on budget I wanna know that because there is a lot of families and people don't listen. You know how houses possible what are three or four things that you do each and every day that they can. Well Richard it doesn't clean fifteen this year it's drawn if you could do it. Lane local farmers the bio bio local organic and it's cheaper than golf area sort of had it. And making light your own. Do a few props for some like utilizing every piece of your fears you know O'Donnell compost everything make a stock you know and then you couple. Gallons suits worth at Oxford the next day and just and that's led. Training most people don't happen when it comes new movie maker. Would you sit also admit that it's not so much money as it is a disappointment yeah I did prepare hero dude and yeah we are not a society Minnesota. I that's why. Okay about a dollar and you can get an apple. You know we can. Fairway is everyone's like I can't eat healthy dynamic. And that there that's Eric's use and that's working for them who. It takes is a little bit more effort that began guys know what she does it tell us so we can get in touch with you oh sir Robin rough eyebrows. Well and I soundly but I am handers against 634. 63 street and in the middle of the news is for site development that's going to be incredible. I am. The first 10 and there I am extremely excited. You can do email. And big green juice three and Gmail is the best way to get a hold me and and if you're interested in a clans or just have a few questions on how your feeling and what doctor you should go to new. Bill anything like that. You ulcer on FaceBook at. An answer grams here however are Stacy got twenty seconds left to zero well we're at and enjoy pure fear dot com. I'm faced against Sudan. Prost dot CC ST CI and is how you can enter also on FaceBook I'm amazed that guys are pure fear and unfazed ammunition parts and that we are located in mission firms which is at 150 initially read in Lee would can't. Pass. They see across robbing Krause six for coming on grill nation in your battles in trouble now with the show and said enough and learned a lot and help listeners that you thanks for coming on thanks. They sure seem to grow nation we'll see you next week take care.