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Vacation Views 06.11.16

Jun 13, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good mark and Kansas City this markup for euros to vacation views. You know what. I prerecorded his program because I'm in France I am in Paris France today. And I cannot wait to tell you about the dinner I had last night you know are you look so forward to so many things. This trip to France Toro who went down on May thirtieth they spent my birthday without the royal family group we call it. In a shot to all private chat or just for our group in the alarm Alley area of central France where the shad toes in manor houses are. And then non that I was looking forward to. The following date we two days later we actually went to mount saint Michelle the most visit Ted tourist attraction. It all of the country of France which by the white is the number one country in the world for tourism did you know that. The number one country in the world for tourism. And then we went back compares got on the on the Allegra river Cruz. Went from Paris. North. Through that beautiful countryside very historic very gorgeous. Area of on northern France up towards again I'm. On the north seats and we were in Normandy on the 72 anniversary of men last night we had dinner. At the Lanzhou all learn restaurant on top of the Eiffel Tower. Which you guys is just so hard to get reservations for. And Wiig got reservations for 24. Of our own oil Stanley group through our travel guard. Travel assistance concierge. When you buy our insurance and we don't talk about this enough you should always in my opinion have. Travel insurers cover yourself for your traveling but one of the auxiliary benefits. It is 8247365. Day A year help desk and part of that help desk. Is not just to help you when you have a problem in your travels but to. An account Sears department that can help you get she reservations like at this unbelievable. Restaurant. And expensive holy gallows of expensive stupidly expensive but worth it. Well my opinion. It is yes it was worth the 24 of us said yes it was worth that we decided to do it and again that what do you call that you call that experience experience of a lifetime. So all of these things. Were on my bucket let's all these things were things are is looking forward to so forward to Mitch do so many of these things will end up being literally. Lifetime memories everytime I see the Eiffel Tower on TV and movies. Are when I'm in Paris next I'll think about having dinner. As we did last night in the Eiffel Tower how cool is that okay. Moving on there's so much going on right now so much going on. We have our. Our company picnic next week are picnic is designed for our. Customers are passed passengers it's our way are people that have been done that have done business with us it's our way of saying thank Q. And you know I haven't figured out based on the businesses here but we're probably past 98000. Vacations we've sold to our customers over the 27 years we've been in business. 90000 that's that's a lot. What you write it. You know what we are businessmen Mimi and I and our entire staffs. That we understand we are in business to serve our customers. So it is only appropriate that we appreciate our customers. And I'm given Embraer reading one of our longtime vacation counselors who worked for us 23 years. I'll bet Q4. Ten years at least she. Kept saying mark we need to do a customer appreciation picnic. And I AM. I didn't think deal was done. Really the right thing to do well. I don't know why changed but I changed my mind and I'm so glad I didn't I was sure what to change my mind ten years ago because it is truly one of the best events we do all. The year long way and were not their Celanese because they. Were there are just to have. Some hot dogs and hamburgers and this year were Evan. Babies inside barbecue. And Peru say thanks. To all of our customers so if you are one of our customers you are welcome to come next week you do need are his three. So please are his VP when we opened today at 9 o'clock. Are you call now on the read and leave a message the receptions will get at 81650515100. 50515100. Or feel like emailing better. It's Reese you can email to reset. RE CE Pete. Pat. Cruise holidays. KC dot com precept bag cruise holidays Casey dot com K okay. Let's talk about this. It's the time of the year hurt that all of our vacation vendors that need help fill lane there ocean cruise ships their river cruise vessels or they're all inclusive resorts as well as frankly airlines that need to fill their flights. Are getting all of us. And offering us. Values. Deals. Incentives. For you what are you wanna call. Values deals or incentives. Futures were juror when you are gullet but it's waste entice you. To take a vacation. On the dates that they. Need help on it and that is one of the tips I have bombed. Always set on this show and on my other show that if you can be flexible. There are values. That we can find you if you can call. Or talk to any of our vacation counselors and safes. Our anniversary as I and just throw this out as an exam Moran and versions October 10. A more flexible ago. Wait 234 weeks earlier wait 234 weeks later. You just find me I wanna go to Canada or England or go do. And the Caribbean I wanna go to. Barbados on go to Jamaica are what are Mexico whatever might be. You tell us that give us your parameters but if you can be flexible week confined you. Usually a whole lot better value than you're going to be you'll find yourself. And we probably know a lot more options. Then you would ever even thought about or knew about it. See that's the thing that's really important on wide use of professional vacation specialist. When. You're looking for vacation because that's all we do and that's always done for 27 years and we do it really well and we care enough about you to find out the most weekend. Based on what he'll tell us. About you what you want what your budget is. To find a vacation. That will work. Best for you and sit within the parameters torture looking for. And we do that well. We do that while that's why you know I actually people last week it's thinking that the Internet has killer business. And I think they sometimes don't blame me when I'm talent. When I tell them that hey guys we have the best year we've ever had in 27 years last year and this year right now. We're ahead of borrower last year. What does that mean I think that means there's a whole lot of people that understand and like and respect and want. The knowledge we have of firsthand experience so we have. The expertise and finding EU the best values and helping you planned the very best vacation knowing what to do and what not to do on your vacation. Getting in the helpful tips. That you need to know. That can make your vacation the best it can be as well as finding you the best value. You know what that's what the show's gonna be about today you're here from a couple of our customers. That have really gone above and beyond the in. Their travel experiences finding. Ways to make sure their vacation is the very best it can be. And I think you'll be surprised about the travel tips you're gonna hear about. And about the experiences. You'll hear about. From our next to yes I have doctored doctor reckoned. Yahoo! is doing well last dom but he's been non cash. Approaching a hundred. Ocean cruisers. And he understands that. You think he understands the crews lose a lot then we'll talk to mr. Barry Morris he's got some great tips for you. So stay tuned this mark comfort vacation views all be right back. The welcome back to vacation views this is mark come for your post and I'll tell you what. Not send in the world creates memories that last a lifetime. More then come vacation and probably more than a vacation. With your family. No way we are right now is my good friend if one of our very best clients I might add. Doctor Don Bragg getting along with his wife sandy and Don welcome today to vacation views. Thank you always a pleasure they Don you lump. You when you're president Park University. The board of directors there are actually really insisted on you taking vacations and made up. I will have pretty high stressed. You know cannot on the clock pony force covenant. I grew Serbs certainly land based vacations as well. One of the very best ways to get away from that. And certainly it was beneficial for my help I'll be alive today because the maps. Here assembly's so many articles over the years which I duly merely appreciate. About doctors. And research finding about how may occasions actually. It increase your life because of that reduce stress and all the wonderful things that we know. That vacations do but now they're proving that to be the case. And in addition they've merry little lots of evidence of find. Good memory is that promote smiles and good dealings. Produce hormones and chemicals from saw on the also are beneficial. And they had no memory is not only last a lifetime but they've fell a lot of the day as a buyer retirement as we've. Watch videos look at the pitchers. I just talked each other about special trips have lunch we have friends there almost everywhere we go. Whereas I know where you all do next or where was your last steps up. Lots of good memories now and foil lifetime. Well let's get careless and audience a little bit of background on you Donna obviously your president barge universities for what fourteen years. We have had not been retired purple or green is so let's crystallized. Acting since it started. Could cost I'm not a does take okay so vacations how many cruises have you taken Don your sanity. A kind of lost track but somewhere between 55 and six stated something of that nature and of course a fair number of land based strips many have more idea of. Yes I'm always so we've had a lot of good times over the years you remember that time we're in the Norwegian sea yards there was after midnight when we met Ted the mennonite of faiths. And elude broad daylight in fact I'd turn them over early I was tired of my life. Kaman told me up and so Gagne got to come out there there's some main thing on the back at midnight it's. I've met him the Sunday Mirror now for three straight days up around the north cape area. Norway that was just absolutely beautiful. I'm nick I. That was my have my first time probably are still up above the Arctic Circle Lara and that was special. Absolutely special whereupon a log I believe it was way north of the Arctic Circle on July 3 or fourth of firemen were right and then the next day I heard it snowed up there it was perfect when we're thereby. That's how quick you can taste hey Don I got let's talk about some favorite memories I idol I wanna leave him with a one and then I want you talk about a couple others that are unique making Asians but you the first guy that got me excited about so far he's been president as far as human sandy duck. You know. Retired early because so some coronary stopped. And I know I did not gonna sit around wondering if I'd made a mistake setting retiring early is south. I retired June 1 and on June 3 we were out there way to Kenya for two weeks so fiery end. Meaning the loved so much in Baghdad I think we've man man he defeated five or six surprise loud that's. Apple doesn't need African country is them. Some of the very best memories and experiences in my entire life. That absolute earlier than I ever forgive me I got a lead into this to a man on the subject to safaris perhaps the craziest thing I've ever heard out ms. When we put a polar bear safari together with Randy went stuff of the zoo and tell us about that on. And I. I absolutely love that about how Limbaugh is an interest in the animals' tongues loosen go to them whenever we can that. I ran me we were you need to get ready here at the Kansas city's blue or saying the entire docents from. Voluntary a lot of time. But we were getting ready to get new polar bear. Exhibit melting polar bears here and Randy took a group that they're just. And no way we're thrilled to go along. For the entire childhood basically we were then she new nation mobile homes so ordered. You know like 678 feet off the ground NAND. They'd lumber around looking for polar bears and you could be out on the balcony and they'd be up and are trying to lag it meg and prudent and stare in the eyes then you look at your window on the moon light no mean polar bears out there about. Where you're safe inside those tundra buggy is does what they called that done for the whole time but it will save one so lifetimes. Much our policy experience. If if praised or praise for the polar rare all my MS I'm Donna and I tell you mound you've done so many things I know part of my one of the goals you have on every vacation is too and I think as one of the best tips I've ever heard. Because we all know how stressed hold. The night both for a vacation is with trying to get done with every last minute thing you need to get done I mean you all know what I'm talking about. Tell everybody what you insanity have been doing for years to relieve them get away from that kind of pressure. Well we didn't know late night star expecting the night before once and after that I had told my wife we will be ready yet believe. 24 hours ahead of time. And the way I we will go out for dinner and start the medication airlines and we'll go to the airport hotel and just make the whole thing has served some clothes apart from ball. We're ready to days or three days earlier we go out to dinner during three days early but just started trading into the relaxation mode and but it's one other better decisions that we made something we look forward to earth. Well what a lot of people don't think about Donna's up Biden doing that stay in at an airport hotel even though you lived north of the rivers are close to the airport. The cost of not having to pay for your part keen at an airport facility. Really just about or absolutely does pay for the hotel caused a net. And really does say and on occasion of Zaman saved us money but more or less it's usually a large but the most important thing. A lot of the flights allowed 678 o'clock in the morning and you know I've nonsense to get up at 330 year Ford lived Richard tired to a parking lot and get Abbas and then. Then made their dues had two hours early were they always do airport hotels. And always go into them cruise ship but I have to pony boy I at least pony boy hours early go on a day early because you Cher's share I share. Do not want to be stressed wondering if we're gonna miss tigers up. Like I many people have when they go down the same day in the morning of the day that the cruise ship goes out a lot of people miss that it's always. Every single cruise around him for example and we go from now I know why they missed the first five days of their two cup. Now let's say yes right now the second. Great. Tipper idea that I am and is surely not. Tip it's just you have taken how many Stanley reunions taking your entire family Don on how many different times. Well now let's say you are 45 reunion aircraft had done their fifty theft I guess that story and we're now in the process of planning and has only been thank you know this young (%expletive) I was six still so they'll be a large check coming through one of these tent city the. Or should we Grayson bill but a bigger deal as Donna. EU have. Told me how important that is not just do you and sandy but primarily to your kids and grandkids is truly memories that will last forever true. Well without question and hey you know I'm not sure whether it's mostly beneficial to us certainly kids in the grand kids. Oh we need grew up in Michigan and boom three of where four daughters lived there for their families from the grandkids. The other one lives up in Minnesota where we have an eight under until 11100 miles away from all our kids and grandkids certain. And the distance prior to this album that were able to get together particularly for an extended time. But they're also as you implied helps it comes on the and reestablished so loosely. Tie his slip the move with the daughters and son in laws and so are. Absolutely the best thing we do. My contention is that Newt takes some videos on a lot some memories there and were already planning for one train had three years from now. Well I know I'll let you know. What if that's a gimmick you do need to say when you can do it a shot then god and I know every time I've come to your home prominent. On the wall in your living room where everybody can see it becomes in your house are the pictures from those Sandler reunions and as seriously those memories from that picture priceless aren't they. Oh my we have I mean not only way. Pitchers both. You know late night tens and five by sevens but what you're referring to we made into a large. Campbell was playing. Photos and so on but yet dips daily reminders that. And you know a lot of people say they don't bother having their pictures taken on the cruises and they don't look at them and so on. But no my wife who want an inexpensive way to bring back that kind of memory is. Every single day. It did certainly has been important thing for us slide deck pitchers burlap sub par at the Botswana. Flashing in front of the computer screen everytime I turn it that's reminders all over the house just a memory slips but those follow doing it all back. Felt trapped. Don Bragg and I'll tell you lied you and sandy you said it's so many times you you now I have. Kind of that your your friends and life have changed and so many of the true friend you have murder you call him troubled friends right. Well without question you know our entire remember retirement as a significant chunk of that. Certainly not all about not a significant chunk of our retirement. It is based around Avalon travel experience that seeded thinking about it is planning a man doing a more remembering yours celebrating with friends. Including you and they may end courtship I am. Well we've had a lot of fun together on the on these trips so you and I every time we can we we were we do get together and talk about some of those great memories not only in the past. But bucket list ideas in the future. Don we're coming to the end of the show but real quick in twenty seconds any future market less true for you send me. For now how will I would not over the today's media a couple of times and would love to go back I understand you're planning a rocky mountain Canadians Canadian team Iraqi railroad trip them. Certainly want a new that's mostly what we try to do to get away. Thin cold weather we've got the month of February most dominant censorship. And John thank you so much for joining me are appreciate it and remember. We create memories that last a lifetime. Welcome back. Active vacation views this is mark come for your post and we are talking about IE. Or tips. To make your vacation. From the very best they can be you know I've been blessed and are. Business career at my wife Mimi I owning cruise holidays and comfort durst waiting matter an awful lot of people that have taught us a lot of things. About how to make your vacation. Be the best it can be in a lot of that is simply in preparation. But sometimes it's the idea isn't knowledge about things that are out there that can help you even more if you know about it. So I've got more than you may want those people who have taught me a lot. In the world of preparation for medications. And that as mr. Mary Morrison merry welcome to vacation views. They think what mark thank you for most kind George youths. Well you really have you not here remember a few years ago Mary. We want to China together you and your wife Connie and maybe I am a royal family and we we were just so impressed with how are you wouldn't Connie prepared for that China trip. And tell Oslo that you want does some. A school or university does study a little bit of Mandarin right. We then and Dracula in Kansas City and it was actually part of each case you campus in Johnson County. They have partnered with while they can. Partnered with the Chinese Government and the US State Department in creating the confucius institute. And nothing have we don't own college campus has all around the world push and save offer laden. I'm Mandarin culture and language. For millions people primarily but they also have. They conversational Mandarin for corpse of granite you only get much myth that because it's a very complicated language. But it would have not yet we felt comfortable in the marketplace. Handling our child. And I think this thing that I had launched on what was that people with us on the floor trying to not look more commander is surely you know wolf it's a situation like that partnerships. Well I'm a fire remember right you also prepared by knowing and finding out that some of the mess values in the world to get so it's made were in China pinch you got a couple seems made for yourself didn't you. And Kanye had clothing may end up we're very lucky that I feel like you'd have a lot to run lamb. This Ceylon looms and the owner of Alaskan first as an office in Beijing. And she's immediately shut us up with the Taylor. Let me they usually cheap are actually huge and along with Eric. Our translator and nerd girl I work between one and June Beijing a few days or whichever group but there are if you're cute take time to. Army in. The bargain which and you can have a little knowledge. About the culture Arab country you're going to visit. You can be so much more hand you can demonstrate that you're church in what country you're going to try and that the residents. Really shake Q and help you. A lot more than you can't even in the friendliest countries which are the once we go troop just by demonstrating. Year appreciation trigger culture and their lives. Did you have a much greater and much warmer experience. Try I agree without a 1000% and you were the one marry that taught me that terminology. Or the same error that the phrase of learn. Courtesy phrases. And and that's true would tell us about that. That's that's really show how important you do not have to learn how to speak a language fluently we don't deny should we could. But most of us don't have to try Internet are probably image fuels to warrant. All wallop that significant language will you travel but if you learn. They're thank useful hell lol. The op. A worst worst one bathroom you don't look they're real truth is that you would look like playing used on a trip. While they're brilliant you are you most often in the population I know we've been in situations where. Partly in mobile launch English and we're trying you can information which. Additional measure we use some of our reasons that we learn action to help us a gambit like that. They're almost always it's somebody actually true English and a lot which aspects. We've still. And very Agilent. I agree that thousands and they're really not really up and important he. Yet Curtis courtesy phrases I I just think that is so so very important he one of the things also bury that I've I want you to. Talk about and that's you know credit cards credit cards than credit card theft is a big deal identity theft and I'll let. What what's your advice about carrying a rate credit carts. All. Probably personally gave my life I attached several American Express charge and we feel like what products but. American expression is not always be stacked up kick in other countries. I lecture and addiction an aids so. You can do a little research before you travel to a country and modem card that is. Most widely accepted. We're going with you next month on wall. Our next week. Probably on our archer after tranche for the royal family tour. And job you Duchamp doubt that master card. It's going to be a very well except record as well eat shop and make sure only rely on American such well we're parents. But you can do what they friendly Google search you can learn a lot but we are sure credit card that you can use elsewhere. And almost always. Even though the ship is due in the United States. Almost every other country has him that this is chip technology. So make certain when you're going to trouble. It requires that you Perry. Yes which ship built into it that's going to be very very important because it's in Europe for example. Want enabled all the liquid years they've eliminated the make no magnetic stripe from their court actually have to have a trip to do you believe he's Europe's. Yeah that's very very important a lot of people don't know that push it very you know the other thing to tell us a little bit there's she a lot of mom. Help right now with the apps. For people traveling across seas talk to us a little bit about that too. I'm well might trigger all time travel app it's true that in itself which can happen wolf. Conveniently and quickly organize all your travel in Q1. One display on your own plug in you can treat each right now we Puyallup which actually this morning from Kansas City and all of my. Hotels modern normal car every aspect of my trip there's coach to be in order here. So can turn your convenient to pad your documents a month when I recommend match but there are also helps with. Are very cultural for use in making phone calls back home. You can use Skype and other apps so you can actually use video chats with are all named to adhere shell court. Well in the country that you're giving. Yeah we're armed we use out what's happened. Four r.s are my birth for our Stewart's kind of like a sky but what's happened is is serves like today if the other party has that. You can use it so it is great. It's very popular true and and very useful. And another area that people should look war or are we out. Can't she apps so I actually able you do the conversion rate and an alleged problem you've been tight men. Yes we will next week the Euro mom. Emotionally what we have Amal there's in the US dollar and helps you understand. How much money understanding. Very we just bought a true or not Mott but god it was actually free and apps for translating. So if we are somewhere on our friends strip where were you. Don't know how does say something we can actually. Learned Tran. All they're great and I'm sorry don't have that name with the right now the Syrians and outs. Well you can take a picture of the man who are low shine and it will translate it for you I'm going to try and that's all we get parents because I wanna know. What I'm looking up on the man years. But and bury one of the ideas you now when you sent me a kind of ideas of what we could talk about in the few minutes we have. One of the things what you said was leave your itinerary and contact information with your family or friends back at home and that's real important to note. All that is so important because if they are doing would be an emergency back home. And they needed to can't get cute they should know where you are. You hand. And how they can reach you and if you're if you're traveling to consolidate. What. You've you often that service to people so that they won't say number that's available and. When I travel that's what we are through cruise holidays. I hear alternates or no work people are each step along the way I think you couldn't put down. Contact information. That's going to be very helpful to other things that wind. All pitched very black and all the register with the State Department program that. Borrowed by issuing more and they won't know where to try you should. There'd be a disruption though I don't travel on the anyway. A would you know how to contact you hope you. You know and love. Called. School aged kids just always let you know best sense of security for your family and your friend's house. Very true we've got so many more to talk about but we've got about a minute left the won the last say a lot of talk about they you are so good at Mary. When you get down when every vacation. You end up putting the big picture book together don't you about that vacation. All the yeah all we have blood such a unique collection. I'll travel with you that we be done and then every country we don't you have a book that is organized I happen to use the whole life photo book. And he's actually very easy to do that there are many other all the books out there that keep countries. I have to admit that you Shutterfly and made they'd really like it looked. So if his first two I think it'll while you are not object or area it while you're you would think that. Show your friends and when you're Chandler there or you're not getting out of staff or your 400 pictures each. Anderson people who I have to go do all of these no. Without more that you can produce very easily match. Up engraved. Are your friends it's people highlighted with oil. And they won't enjoy doing it cannot be great publicity could not nail files and pictures to us as soon enough that's true they are and where government the other deserved them very but I've got about five or six of your books in my office we column coffee table books where people can look Truman. And after this royal friendly turf for Franzen won't have one more books from you our night. We certainly are going to put it together our trip to Normandy am feeling more and more rally. And I think when you beautiful well he will be buried Morris thank you so much for joining me and I'll see in drafts I. Welcome back to vacation muses and Marcum for euros ten. Were just wind and up. Another great show vacation is I'd take you for a listening every Saturday here on 980 KM BZ elector. Wake you up every morning talking about the wonderful world of vacations and they right now or talk a little bit about your travel tips and ideas and oh my gosh we have so many so many travel tips and so many great ideas. I like to say to people. That I think the most important decision that you will make act and the best tip I can give you. In planning. Your vacation. And to make sure you have the best vacation it can be. Is to book your vacation. When they professional vacation specialist. That has firsthand experience. In that type of vacation. Or the destination. Of whatever kind of vacation is that you want to do. But today and that is invaluable. Then having somebody gave it cares about EU plan is really truly. Caring. And knowledgeable. About the world of medications and how to find the best values. And deals and knows the industry's so they can come up with a options may be. That you might not have thought about that could be as good if not better. Then what you're looking at yourself. I think that's just invaluable and again and again and I do want to stress the terminology when it comes to travel agency. Vacation specialist. You know I hear so many people that say AI I am I a and I don't. Nady isn't travel agent I know more than the last travel agent I talked to. To. You know you very well might have because I've met that last travel agent you talked to in that example was. Corporate. Travel agent that's their specialty is an error. And rental cars and hotels. Not in vacations more you talk about it totally different world. So there are two totally different types of travel agents corporate agents are vacation specialists. And make sure you know the difference that's a big big deal I'm told so many people my Yoshko. Then please book your corporate air through your corporate travel agent. Let us help you with your vacations. And and that is really good counsel. Okay back to. Travel tips and great ideas. One thing Barea asked me to tell you about. Is that he said he has spent the money and time to get TSA approved. I'm TSA approved I think that is very very important. And it's very time savings for you in most cases. I would tell you if you travel internationally and not a lot. Global entry. Is something you ought to get. I eight I had ever since I've I registered. Signed up. For global entry and by the way real quick you're gonna be able to do that against sitting before you could only good and the bigger airports. Like Dallas Chicago or Denver closest spent I I understand it is coming to Kansas City now on a minority be there by now. But. Listen to this. You all probably waited in line an hour or two hours or more coming back into a country one may be too big airplanes are three big airplanes are for. Empty at the same time. And everybody standing in the long line. Going through customs. Was global entry I have never spent more than eight. Minutes. From the time I entered that customs area to the time I got to the luggage base past customs. With a global entry. And for right now it's 99 dollars. They take your fingerprints. They check you out. Susie yes if India affiliate in cigarettes and you might know honeydew list but it view it here okay. And you travel a lot internationally or even wants if you don't like waiting in lines global entry is the right thing for you to do. Now. The other thing is. Be alert to be aware. That Ole Kirk coal electric. Currencies electrical currencies are different. All over the world. And you have to have different converters. Or adapter Ers. Unique to the part of the world you're going to mean don't just gold. And expect. Your plug ins work everywhere you go there have been more I'm blown hair dryers ruins cell phones. By people not knowing that and just expecting that or more surprises because you're you're like her old plug in won't. In the it in wherever you are whatever country are so learn about. That adapters you converters you need to wherever you're going that's a big big deal if you're going to to a big city let's just say like. Any be going to the Olympics in Rio this summer. Of the pick park owners of the world will be. Convene. In Rio has wellness scanner works the illegal. People who scanned your credit card. Switch is now a bigger than he may guest. I'm crime if you will our problem. In the entire world more so than picked marketed. So knowing how to protect your credit cards so they cannot be scanned. It's really easy we we we have. We have that we give to our clients in a lot of cases but you go to wal martyr came martyr coals are about anywhere mega baggage and get. The credit card holders that will protect you. From getting your. Credit card scam and the other thing you can do very simply honest to goodness I've seen a lot of people do this they've put aluminum spoiled guys doing their wallets. That will prevent scanning something that simple. Kate so so important. A lot of places of the world like go to. I take a lot of cash 'cause I have to tip or pay for. Things. Because in a lot of parts of the world they want in a big cache the 'cause of how expensive it is. For a the only credit card fees and things like that. And I am. A little strap that I strapped. To my chest honestly. That doesn't. Look like it's there one or more in assuring that helps and I think that's such a great idea because it's sure easy. You don't wanna loose. A wallet or purse. You know that there ladies get their purses stolen or such a big deal in a lot of these big cities and problem areas so you don't want that. So that's one of the things we do we will help you with what it. We think his wife is for you to do. To help protect you. On your vacation to make sure you. Are prepared and have the best application you can possibly have it what does Leann like to say I am certain many people over the years that have thought they could save a few dollars and they did. Originally. I'm not taking out travel insurance. I just have seen too many people ask to. I executed people have a problem. Where they did not have travel insurance and could it cost him several hundred dollars. That ended up costs in Iran many. Thousands. Of dollars and one at some medical issue. While you're on vacation. Many many many. Thousands of dollars many hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases. It's not worth it don't be frugal lair to protect yourself by the way there's a lot of good. Our coverage insurance our travel guard insurance I think is the best travel insurers sir is out there because it protects you from almost anything that can happen. So. Travel insurance is worth that are sure thinks so. I sure knew nobody ever expects anything to happen of them sometimes it's not you. That it happens to all your own vacation. It might be a family member back home. That makes you have to cut your vacation short. And come around and come back home but if it is viewed as a medical problem it was going to cost you a lot of money. Hey listen I thank you for joining me today and every Saturday on 980 KM BZ from 7 AM and listen. To me next week we'll talk rollback. This wonderful French. Triple a royal family had and you deserve a great vacation. Will be open today from nine until 381650515. Under broke 515100.