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Jun 16, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. In the senior care line. Program dedicated to you providing information education and resource. Helping you. Caregiver you can be I'm your host Steve speaker. Welcome everyone senior care lies. I'm your host Steve teacher and president of senior care consulting destroy thank you for joining me here today I really really appreciated. In in fact so many people listen to senior care life every single week I just spoke with someone. Last week and she said. I've been listening to you for three years and guess what I've been on the radio for. Just under three years so she's been with me from the beginning I just can't tell you how honored I am. That so many people consider senior care life appointment radio they don't miss it. If they did miss one they go back and listen to the podcast after the fact so again just thank you so much for your for your support. It is really and truly appreciated. And as you know by now I created senior care live to be a safe place we can get accurate. Reliable information that can really and truly help you. Wind carrying foreign elderly loved ones and and frankly I think that's why so many people. Tune in to senior care live as a trusted source of information. Also have excellent excellent service providers on the program like they will just a little bit later in this program they are the best in their industry. They operate with morals and and and they operate ethically and guess what I associate with other people who do business like I do doing it the right way. And there and they all share their knowledge and expertise with all of us here on the radio program. And make a significant contribution to the program and I just can't thank them enough. A question about the information discussed today a senior care life feel free to collar toll free number any time it's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 6445. You can call that number 24 hours today. If you go to the website its senior care lie about LI VE senior care alive dot com. If you do visit online be sure let's get and connected socially like this on FaceBook pulse on Twitter. All the good stuff sign up for the free. We'll talk more about that later this month. You wanna learn more about my firm's senior care consulting its its senior care consulting dot com that's with an ING senior care consulting dot com. We help you find the right senior care community. For your mom dad or any elderly loved one and it can be independent living assisted living. Be a nursing home level of care could involve alzheimer's dementia care is like he's generally referred to his memory care. And and so that that's what we do it's a very much of a highly specialized niche service. Where we help you find the right place. And then here's here's a big big note of interest here we do not receive compensation. From any. Care providers out there we worked directly. For you with you and on behalf of you and your family we have a flat fee for service model. And and it's and it's is very affordable very reasonable. So I N and luck to receive. Compensation from the care providers would just be a terrible conflict of interest in my opinion. There are others out there that received gigantic. Kickbacks of thousands of dollars. Just to get you in the door they don't represent every option that you have is very limited and I just I won't have anything to do with it. So we worked directly for you. And we have different levels of engagement the highest level of engagement is far less than a one month stay in an assisted living facility or nursing home so. So it is is very reasonable all of our clients say it's the best money they've ever spent. In so for expert guidance in finding the right senior care feel free to call any time we do offer free consultation in 913. 9452800. We serve families I in the Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Also what worked for families sudden need to find the right place in California and Nebraska and some other states. A bit primarily most of our clients are right here in our expanded metro area. 913945. 2800. Or online senior care consulting dot com. I saw I'm having more and more people call. And they're they're just they're not totally happy. With their current. Facility whether it's an assisted living facility or nursing home. They may be an enemy every care level at the assisted living community may be at. The nursing on the could be an independent living for all that. I mean for four herb. I celeb Libby about they can be and it is continuing care retirement community. At the independent living level rate which is kind of entry point of the continuing care retirement community. In just not totally. Excited about it maybe not satisfied with the care with the food or with with whatever idiots. OK and there are very very interest did. In looking at other options. OK so. Yes we can help you there as well you don't need to be a first timer to this he may have experienced and assisted living facility in nursing home and just not like it. So we can help you explore. Other options and then compare and contrast. And I'll say that over all of the years that I've received. Phone calls from someone in the situation. I don't see a solid trend about half of them. Will move to a new facility in about half of them. Will say you know and I and see what else is available out there. End we're we're just we're gonna go ahead stay exactly where out in so and that's fine now you know. And so that's that's that's kind of been my experience in working with folks over all these years. When we're exploring other options while your party living in place that let me give you a couple of examples. So let's say that your mom is in the hospital. And you were given a very short notice a very short discharge notice which happens by the way. Every day all the time. I'm not sure why we can't give folks a little more notice and that but it's like you know yet you come in on on a yum. On Wednesday afternoon they said by the way your mom's going to be discharged in the morning. Are you wanna sender for rehab. She can't go home. Where do you wanna sender to an assisted living facility or or nursing home. Where you wanna go and elect why. What whoa whoa whoa women there must be some mistake. You tell me Wednesday afternoon. That I have to choose a place for my mom by tomorrow morning. Are you kidding me no. Here's your list here's your alphabet ties list. Where do you wanna go. He like I know nothing about this I can't make this decision this quickly would guess what you have to. Sometimes you hear you're stuck with the the first open bed that you can grab in a nursing home. Or or you ask you know someone in the hospital where would you recommend well we're not supposed to recommend any place but. We've we've heard you know this place does pretty well or we have. We have a nursing home or herb you know we have you know this this rehab facility and and you can go there. OK so that the point is you generally have. Did just her hardly any time to make this huge huge decision. Yet to make you very quickly and you didn't know a single thing about the placement he had to do the best she can't. Now all you want to do it right you wanted to do your homework and you want to choose the right place for your mom your dad. I'm your elder your spouse your elderly loved ones that's just an example. So you got a quick discharge notice he had to he had to pick a place fast you know literally nothing about it but now you wanna do your homework okay so they're getting some care. We don't know if for totally comfortable with the place. We don't have much of a track record but we want to do our homework that's an example. That number to your dad was discharged to rehab. And so that may or may not be hit his permanent. Placement but he's going there to get rehab. You're not totally sure where he goes after rehab but you're pretty sure he's probably not going to be able to go home so. You need to move from their two and a sister living does he need to nursing home level of care will he stay there are you wanna look at some other options so. What that does is it gives us a little bit of time where dad is going or mom. Into rehab and buys us a little bit of time to do our homework and to get it right. Right so those are a couple of examples I even had a clients. Who who called me and she said that her mother was being abused in nursing home I don't know all the details that she was convinced of it. She was very very upset. And she's it she said I need your help. To find another place immediately and I mean right now she was very very upset. And so. Who we jump to we moved very very quickly. And she gave some examples it didn't sound like it was a good situation. When they had made some complaints about the place she felt like there that she was experienced some read retaliatory. Type of type a reaction while all show you. It so it is it was ugly is not a good situation now wasn't there I don't know if abuse occurred. But it sounded. The senate pretty bad. So. We moved quickly found a great place and I mean a great place for her mother she moved her very quickly. And I followed up and she said mother settling in here just just really really well she said I can't tell you the difference in this is just night and day. I wish I would have called you originally. And then she coming back about a month later mother's doing so well here. I I can't take you enough and I have to tell you that I believe you saved my mother's life. I'm like wow oh that's pretty heavy that was huge what if what a wonderful compliment. It's so so the bottom line is even if you're currently in a facility if you are interested in exploring your options. You can call senior care consulting at 913. 9452800. And we can help you do that. All right under the senior care live question of the week. The following Wayne medical issue may disqualify you from a long term care insurance policy coverage. Eight memory loss. Beat diabetes. See skin cancer or deep and all of the above the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now pull free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care live. On the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the program and how we can help you and your family. Call our toll free number any time it's 1803316445. Again it's 1800. 3316445. This numbers answer 24 hours today. So it if it's late at night on weekend no worries call anytime. And also don't forget it if you're away from your radio and you still wanna catch the program and not listen to the podcast after the fact. It's super simple go to senior care live dot com click on the listen live button and it will stream to any electronic device. It in is just so simply do not need an application or anything. Senior care live dot com click on listen live an analyst in street straight to your phone your tablet your computer whatever you have. All right back to the senior care live question of the week. The following medical issue may disqualify you from long term care insurance coverage. Eight memory loss. Beat. Diabetes. See skin cancer. Or deep all of the above the answer is. DD. All of the above. Right so that there's a little bit of a trick question. Okay because I said may disqualify you were going to be speaking with someone here shortly. You can now probably clear all this up and I said the medical issue when there could actually be medical issues that could be dead disqualification. But you may be or maybe not we're gonna get the scoop on long term care insurance I hear in just a minute. But before we transition I wanted talk just briefly about another issue that's justice come my heart. And I've just been running into this more and more and more. So I've been working with a number of families. Who have been just an inner very very stressful place. Because. It's it's stressful when your when your mother is killed when your dad. Is set he needs help. And he's not you still see him as the strong man of your childhood but guess what now he's older he's frail and he needs some help so. You as the adult child you want to do your best in you wanna make the best decisions for them. Well what I've been seeing as I've been seeing. Like brother and sister sister and sister to siblings and in any mid major major disagreement. Regarding the care of their parents. Now they're not being mean. And they're they're not trying to be calm. You know that emit its did not try to do anything other than do the right thing for their parent may. I think we should do this non none and no absolutely not we need to do this in so with with good intentions but there they're really. At a deadlock here they are. They're they're literally fighting about this in it's causing. Damage to their relationship. And you need to be there for each other during the trying times the illness of a parent or a feeling parrot that needs a lot of extra help. Would guess why we are the objective and unbiased. Third party. Advisor or consultant that can really help you. And and help guide you through these decisions. I can't tell ya how many times. I have been in a meeting and we have these these very different ideas that I can help them walk through and I can say. With this idea makes sense because. Or. This idea does not make sense because. I can fully explain this again guess what you know we are objective. We don't have fifty years of baggage well you always told me what to do in high school and I'm not gonna take it anymore I mean stuff like this comes up that this is really really difficult stuff. I don't I I'm Alison they're the wind high school you know who. When the high school you know kind of bossy. Bossy person was who was doing this thing. We are still doing it today and the UK we just be amazed how much you hear. In these in these meetings. Things come out. We are the unbiased. Objective third party. We can tell you what will work and what will not and helped guide you through this. So that we don't have any permanent fractures in the relationship. Sometimes. It's been pretty heated I felt like a referee. You know but it was all wish the best possible outcome in the best decisions for someone that they loved very very much. I had two sisters arguing about what was best for their parents one wanted independent living nemesis for their mom both their mom their dad. 011 an independent living. In the other one wanted assisted living and they were making very good cases for why. You know their approach was right. As it turned out they were both. Rights. You see. When I personally entered in this discussion. And it and I am a consultant I'm not a sales person I'm trying to help you. Navigate through this very difficult complex decision making process to find the right solution for your unique situation. So guess right you're you're both right. Because one parent really needs independent living mission they don't really belong in the system living in the other parent. Absolutely needs assisted living they would not be a good fit for independent living at all but tasty they wanna be together. Absolutely so the solution is a continuing care retirement community that offers independent living assisted living in the nursing home level of care. With memory care at the nursing home level so if they didn't understand that this. Option existed they didn't know where to start looking guess what that's why we do we able to take care this quickly efficiently for them. And make a very difficult process. Very simple and I always say it's not easy. This is tough stuff is not easy we make this very simple say be ridiculous amount of time and help you get it right the first time. So so week and we help. Men and family relationships how about that senior care consulting. All right I'm gonna shift gears now and introduced to in my special guest today. Mr. Steve Johnson he has a long term care insurance expert. It's Steve welcome back to senior care life thank you Steve good to be back all right it's good to have you back hey let's jump right in and Ellis talk about just at the beginning here in the last couple minutes of this segment there won't continue afterwards but. What is long term care insurance and oh by the way why is that so important. Yeah great great two part question by the way let's get right to it. So. Steve this is the world do you help people and that's extended care it's care for activities of daily living where you have a loved one who needs an extra help. Bathing themselves are feeding themselves and their there can be any. A variety of combinations that they need help with their daily living so it's not medical it's non medical. We're talking about am. You know so your health insurance your Medicare will cover medical yup this is all the other so typically causes or accidents illnesses are becoming frail with age. It can include severe cognitive impairment such as alzheimer's moot and finally. This cares most commonly received in the home or assisted living or just says you talked about nursing homes. Or memory or alzheimers unit so that's a nutshell we're talking about his. Care for a loved one for exit for an extended condition not any cash. He's beat not an acute medical condition and and it's important. Well. Maybe we'll get to that next what AM let's talk about why it's important and and and for our listeners you need to hang on because we're gonna roll out kind of of some bombshell information. That I'll guarantee you 99%. Of the population does not understand. About long term care insurance and they any giants. Benefits that I Egypt is just not gonna know about you can learn about it in the next segment but until then. Steve Johnson has been very kind and offering. Our listeners. An awesome book it's called the truth about long term care insurance you can call him reach out to Steve Johnson and 913. 8297. 555. And ask for your your free copy out the truth. Now long term care insurance. More right after the break your listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the program and how we can help you and your family collar toll free number any time 1800. 3316445. Operators are always standing by. She can colony time 1803316445. And don't forget if you if you miss any episode or you wanna go back and realists and or invite someone else to listen. 21 of the episodes that they may have missed. Go to our podcast pages senior care live dot com. Indy click on podcast that the podcast cabin you can listen to any. Previously aired episodes it is literally that simple back to my friend and special guest Steve Johnson. He is a long term care insurance expert and before we go on Steve commander should just first ladies please do. You know it we had a conversation. Off offline and and you were mentioning that. It if it if someone wants to buy a long term care insurance policy that is really not the right fit. It in in the coverage is just so little that it will not have the benefit that you want do business. We're we're in that scenario you're not out to make it says you're you're trying to do it right. I just can't tell you how much I appreciate debt. Because I I associate with people with high morals and integrity in business ethics and I I appreciate that about you will see saying thanks faced since. Really that's that's encouraging to hear and I I do know. I do expect. I've been taught that you reap what you sew up. And that I know. In fifteen or twenty years some of my client's children are gonna call me on the phone and say Steve I found this long term care insurance policy I see your business card attached to did you help my parent get this policy. And I wanna BO BB able say to them yes I did and I don't wanna have to make excuses for the coverage and I think it's a second rate. And I seen so many people with long term care insurance. And because. But there agent in I'm not knocking all agents but hey they're out there. Okay sold a policy with such a small benefit that it doesn't really help them cover their assisted living Custer nursing home in May need it. And when those guys and gals get that call. That that adult child is going to be very upset with them you didn't sell them the right policy. This was really wasted their money. Yeah yeah and that and you know we've we've not talked about this much in the past xmas bit. Then helping find what people's goals are what they. What they're trying to accomplish is as important as the company that you pick so really. A fitting the right amount covers the person is is a big deal to me up. Absolutely I saw I think you fear approach because frankly not everyone has an approach and I know that and that's why. That's why I say this is a trusted you know reliable place to get accurate information and and listen to you know the top experts in their fields so I think you for that. So let's get under the second part of their first question so why is it important have long term care Paris just try to break well a couple things you know cedar talking about the last segment about what can happen between siblings and wind you don't plan ahead for this and insurance is not the only way to do it but it's a real effective way to do it yet but when you plan ahead. It can make a mess of your family. It can make a mess of your finances. And it can. It you know it's hard to explain to people the impact on a family where the parents have not prepared. And it can create loss of friction on the most people can identify with how much money a long term care policy will save their state. Will allow them to pass on to their loved ones will leave and be healthy spouse in a good place financially so there's a lot of you can't take away the heartbreak of a person needing care that you can. Plan ahead for the financial part of it and it makes an enormous impact. All right excellent in Steve thanks for being so generous to offer an and there are some cost to this bug is so it's called the truth about long term care insurance. Exposing the myths about long term care. And long term care insurance Steve Johnson is offering this absolutely free of charge to senior care live listeners if you want your own copy. Of the truth about long term care insurance exposing the myths give policy that didn't give. Give Steve a call right now. And and asked for and he'll send it out to be a 9138297555. For your free copy of the truth about long term care insurance. Call Steve Johnson 9138297555. I see so recently we are doing. A workshop about long term care insurance. Over in at least some is great workshop by the way I had a blast yup it was it was excellent attendance was great in so. You've touched on something. That I won't guarantee a no I've never met one person I've been around this for long I I don't know of any wind. That knows what a partnership plan is and how. Big how huge of a deal assist. Can you tell us about what is a partnership house America's nobody knows about this yet you were surprised when I got to talking about that age you you you said Steve let's talk about on the radio so here we are let's let's follow through on what we agreed to do. OK so the question is why is it important. As you just says little known is something the states of Missouri and Kansas offer. And it allows a person to buy a policy. And staff effectively double the amount of coverage and we'll get into the how that works in a moment yet but it it allows them. Without any additional cost to to protect an enormous part of their states simply by knowing about this benefit. See it in that sounds kind of code. Right because because while on what is this and end. They can and does this every one and offered this and everything while obviously you know about it in all of the plans that you work with. Are do you qualify for this partnership program. Yes so get a partnership program a bit of background yeah they am. And Ed I won't grew bore you with all the details but let me just say back in 2007 and 2008 the Deficit Reduction Act. Allowed the states to make some amendments to the way Medicaid works now Steve you know a lot about Medicaid. And you essentially know that when people ran out of money that's for Medicaid Stetson. Well the states. Were looking for a way to consent. People to get private long term care insurance because they know that the Medicaid budgets. Are there to help that that those in greatest need. That they can help everybody and it did by just under enormous dimensions. Is stress they're crushed and so what the states and so I am with distaste is this a look at how can we and sent people to go by a private plan. And and if if that person should use that policy. But they should use sit up and policies do have limits and if they used up all of the benefits and still needed more care. How could we set it up and situated they would they would still have their state protected. And that's the that's the spirit behind it. And if you're like me your bit skeptical of all things government program. Let me just tell you that. The government does have a the states and the federal they do have an incentive for people to get long term care insurance. Because if you think about it if people more people buy policies less people will be going on Medicaid moon and those that do use up their policies. Will not have to exhaust all of their savings. Which is how Medicaid normally works at a partnership in men's the way Medicaid works and lets him hold on assets. All right so tell us about the amendment how does a pair. So let me let me walk you through an example to answer that question and I can go into a more details. So there's have. There's a lady let me just color Betty and she advised that policy let's say that has a 150000 dollar benefit. And Betty uses in she needs care and she uses up that 150000 dollars in the long term care benefits and she still needs more care. That. Partnership policy allows a 150000. Of her state. To be off limits or she does not have to spend down. To what you know to be a 2000 dollar or 9099 dollar minimum depending on your state. She can hold on that 150000 dollars and still qualify for Medicaid to pay for her care in nursing home. And yet still keep her a large part of her stayed intact. OK so when you get this right. Without long term care insurance. Betty we'll exhaust all of her assets all of her money will be spent on on nursing home care. She gets down to 2000 dollars in Kansas 999 dollars and Missouri if she qualifies for Medicare. That's how works if she is really really Smart. And buys a long term care insurance policy. In say she pays a 150 a month and a couple hundred up whatever the number is okay. For probably the same or less than she would spend going to her favorite coffee shop every day. Okay she gets long term care insurance policy the long term care insurance policy pays for her nursing home. Overtime. And policy. Amount of a 150000. Dollars. And then she runs out of money. Or are hurt her she's she she starts pain privately write her policy is exhausted her policies exhausted now she starts writing checks. She does not have to spend her assets down to. 2000 dollars or 999 dollars she spends her assets down 250000. Dollars. And then Medicaid starts paying the deal. That's right and they they call it dollar for dollar asset protection sore however many dollars of long term care insurance you have that many dollars of your state is protected in off limits. So that's exactly right so so I guess what she just did. She just literally. Left her. They only her children 150000. Dollars instead of 2000 dollars earned 999. And and that's and you know that's actually the shortest if she didn't drop into their laps and very difficult decisions that need to be made me and there's many other things that followed that yes just looking at the money that's right. She protected a very large part of her state simply by getting. Eight what's called a partnership policy that both states of Kansas and Missouri offer. They don't cost any extra it's the same price as a non partnership you just need an agent who knows. And the insurance companies offer these policies and am in they have no extra requirements. Excellent excellent Steve let's get into more details about this in the benefits. And I I just can't believe that more people don't know about this and I thank you for bringing this up and and in representing. Policies that have this awesome unknown benefit. We're gonna talk more about this with Steve Johnson long term care insurance expert right after the break you're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care live on the senior care broadcasting network. From worm. Information about this program and how we can help you and your Family Dollar toll free number any time 1803316445. Again. Senior care live toll free number 1803316445. Back to my special guest Steve Johnson he is a long term care insurance expert Ann and Steve thanks for making this book available it's called a the truth about long term care insurance exposing the myths this is an awesome book. It's so you're gonna mail it out to any of our listeners that would like your free copy yes yes and now just let me just sort of add to apply here Steve I. The reason I like this book is if you flip through the chapter titles. It has things like the government will take care of me or my children will take care of me and it just covers some. Some topics that are maybe. Maybe people they're thinking about they're afraid to ask ya. Got axle back is too expensive I can't afford it. If people could just be in my brain or BMI meetings every day. Every day. And when I when I'm working with the family and we're going to placement I always ask. Does does your mom does your dad does you have long term care insurance most of the time though they they do this thing go. Now. And oh boy that's do we wish. We would have signed up for that yet because I'm we're we're gonna ever gonna lose their shirts here with the cost of care and every time it's just gassed on my gosh we don't we showed a botnet. It's too late now. And then once and awhile I'll work with someone and they'll say yes we do impressed how glad we have this policy because it's gonna help us so much and so the truth about long term care insurance call Steve Johnson now you can call him any time. 9138297555. 9138297555. He can also go to the website LTC. Truth. Dot com LTC truth. Dot com IC so we're talking about. This partnership plan where. The long and the short of it is if your plan pays out I mean he is an easy match you're 200000. Dollars and long term care and insurance coverage. Right and you run out of money. There are you in you know run our money be you run out of the benefit of some benefit the benefit of camp keeps saying that run your your policy then has paid out its maximum payout. Okay analysts say you have an estate that is 250000. Dollars and okay you're gonna spend it down to 200000 dollars and then Medicaid will start paying. For your care in the nursing that's right that's right you you nailed it. So if you don't have long term care insurance you will be spending every dime of your 250000. Dollars. You will be left with 2000 dollars or 999. Dollars depending on which state you live and and that is the sum total of your state this just is astounding to me Stephen it's a government program what's the cat yeah. You know if I I'm pot I'm hesitating because when we went to break. We you're like. People don't know about this well the government as early have a a budget to promote it. It's really up to us agents said that it has sound the horn and in that meeting we had few weeks ago you reminded me that I need to blow my horn a little louder now that let people know that this is out there so is there a catch. That's a fair question. It this season like I said the previous segment that that the incentive that the state has is the more people go out and buy good private long term care insurance. They're in a much better position. To pay out when people really do have a great need. And so it's that tradeoff they're willing to. A lie to hang onto a much larger part of your assets. If you will at least take a reasonable step to protect. Yourself with a good long term care policies so it's really a trade off and in my opinion it's one of the best sort of private public. Arrangement type seen in a long time. It is fantastic and let. I have every single person I've ever met are almost every one of I guess maybe not everyone but the vast majority probably ninety plus percent. The people I meet they want to leave something to their children yep that's right and they're afraid that they won't be elder leave some. Any money or any part of their state to the children. Because they're gonna spend it all in a nursing home. Yet if they've known anybody this need care they know that the way the system works and you don't you don't get around that you you do pay that's right so so I don't wanna be up on the Medicaid program because it's a fantastic safety net that says will pay for your nursing care. If you if you should outlive your assets but. Lucky if you have a policy that's gonna pay and a cap of 200000 dollars. It did you can leave and in your state is worth more than that you can leave 200000 dollars to your children you have certainty that you well this is a no brainer to -- of the I'm living they can't decide by this policy what if I move to another state if you don't wanna move to another state. I don't. I love I love living here in Kansas City now also is seriously you can move OK there's somebody called reciprocity if I could use. Andy nice expenses murder fancy rest reciprocity can say that I guess I get reciprocity OK so that means that the other states have partnership programs will honor so for example if you moved. You know say you moved to Alabama now I don't know why anybody would argue that. Conducted against the roll tide but. Alabama would recognize your Kansas policy. Arkansas would recognize your misery policies of the states have reciprocity. There's a few states there in the process of getting on board that they're so it's such a small number it's not worth going into. 95%. The states out there honor. As if you moved to another state to honor your policy out OK that is that is great to know in so what if you already have a long term care insurance plan. You how hockey need how do you know so say if I have one. A bit and how I know if it's a partnership player so yeah yeah I get asked that question. A lot and what I would say we do is call your agent you have an agent that helped you get your policy and they will know. And if you make that call and agents don't. They cannot answer question that that would that would puzzle me. Then give me a call and I and I will I will ask you a couple of questions and can pretty quickly figure out if it's a partnership policy. Do you offer plans that are our only. Participating in this partnership planned. Or or do you offer non participatory plans Yang good guys so the only plans I help my clients with our partnership. There's one thing we haven't gone into Steve we don't need to go into detail but just to say that your agent needs to understand. How this works because there's so the policy needs to be configured it's not rocket sign these can be configured in such a way that it qualifies for partnership. In I'm trained to do that my help on my clients do that C and that's why I when I recommend you with men's room with my full throat with my full endorsement. Because you do business the right way why would you ever sell someone a policy pet does not participate is not a partnership plant I. To meet I'll answer that question because I think you're just trying to make a sale yet instead of doing the right thing that you do the right thing if it's you know it does require extra certification for an agent but it's worth it. It's worth it for the client and it it makes a difference so for our listeners that this is just the biggest no brainer that. If this is if your light bulbs are going off and you're like oh my gosh I need to I need to look into this. Are we need this now call Steve Johnson did not wait don't wait because some health concerned can come up. Overnight and disqualify you from all of this. Kcal Steve Johnson. 9138297555. Steve Johnson long term care insurance expert 913. 8297555. When you calling in and and in the schedule an appointment with him. He's it's it's not a pressure situation he's gonna educate you and and you can make. Your decision don't forget to ask you for your free copy. But this awesome book it's called the truth about long term care insurance exposing them that Steve will send that to you free of charge. Steve thanks for much for being on the program today are really appreciate you for having me here. All right. Man that was awesome you gotta get a partnership plan long term care insurance plan PP he got to do it. All right. Everyone listening I am so honored. He spent part of your day being with us here and listen to this program thank you very much I'm your host Steve keeper and I wish you. Grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this date and always. I'll see you next week right here. On senior care why.