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Jun 20, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. In the senior care line. Program dedicated to you providing information education and resource. Helping you. Caregiver you can be I'm your host Steve speaker. Welcome everyone to senior care lie if I'm here. Host Steve kicker and president of senior care consulting don't think you for joining me here today I really appreciated. I created senior care live to be a safe place where you can get accurate and reliable information that can really and truly help you. When caring for your elderly loved ones also has excellent and I mean excellent. Service providers on this program and they are all the best in their industries. Okay in their specific area of expertise. And they share their knowledge with you and I and I just I. I just cannot thank them enough for their significant. Contribution. To this program thank you very much. The other question about the information discussed on this program senior care live call our toll free number any time. 1803316445. Again 1800. 3316445. Also check out the website senior care liable dot com. You visit online be sure decide connect socially FaceBook Twitter etc. And also check out the free upcoming educational events we've got a great one coming up in August that we're going to be talking about here. In the inept and couple about upcoming programs. Also if you need to learn more would like to learn more about my firm's senior care consulting. Go to the web site first or you can also call in the website is senior care consulting ING. Senior care consulting dot com and basically is real straightforward very simple it's a highly highly specialized niche service where we help you. Find the right senior care community for your loved one. It can be independent living assisted living and nursing home. It can before alzheimer's dementia care and or all of the above and a continuing care retirement community. All right and just please notes that we do not receive compensation. From any care providers whatsoever. We have a very straightforward. Flat fee for service business model. Our clients retain us just like you retained an attorney or accountant or. Any other professional service provider to help you through a process this is a process that we help you through to find the right place for your loved ones. And guess what there is a lot. That goes into that it's it can be a very complex. Formula of level of care. Type of care payment methods location in personal preferences needs. So there's a lot to this and there's no other service like this and guess what the we I I do not believe in in being reimbursed by the care communities I won't have anything to do with it. Unlike the free referral services. They guess what. They represent a very small number of your options in the marketplace. Because they've been able to go out. And negotiate these deals. With say very few providers willing to pay them. Thousands. And thousands and thousands of dollars to convince EU. To move into one and there are very few places that they represented I don't have. Emmy thing ever to do with that. I work for you I represented you and work on behalf of viewing your family I researched. The entire marketplace. It's completely objective and unbiased in totally focused. On helping you find the exact right plays the best place the best. Fit. OK so if you need expert guidance in you and Ian you appreciate our business approach guess what. Most of our clients say it's the best money they have ever spent. Call for free consultation 913945280913945. 2800 we serve the Kansas City and extended surrounding areas. And oh I'm also worked for families and in other states in California Florida Nebraska it's Eric said Iraq. But the vast majority of our clients are here in the KC metro area. All right so last week we talked about long term care insurance and we talked very specifically about the benefit of a state partnership qualified plan. All right so a very nice lady a listener she listens all the time her name is Nancy she sent an email. Where she's a little confused regarding this long term care insurance. Program in the state partnership plan itself. In and actually I wrote a blog about this if you wanna follow the blog just stuck. Just you don't look like though the FaceBook page or follow on Twitter etc. I'd begin you can do that to the web site. Senior care live dot com or senior care consulting dot com has a goes out to both. But in this blog guy I explained it and let me just take another shot at this so. Very briefly if they person runs out of liquid assets runs out of the ability to pay for their care. Medicaid will pay for nursing home and I've talked a lot about that a debt Medicaid if I said Medicare saris Medicaid. A Medicaid will pay for your stay in a nursing home long term care. I mean you have to spend your money down to where your your almost broke. 2000 dollars or less in Kansas 999 dollars or less in Missouri OK so let's shift gears here long term care insurance. As a private insurance policy that pays for a long term care that would include home care adult daycare assisted living and nursing home care. In here here's the big gap here only about 10%. Of the elderly own a private long term care insurance policy. But over 70%. Of them will require expensive. Long term care at some point. So if you don't have a long term care insurance policy. You have to pay the cost out of pocket. And it's very easy at today's rates of six to 101000 dollars a month to outlive your assets. And then have to qualify for Medicaid. I'd so once you've exhausted your assets and you can no longer pay for the high cost of senior care. Medicaid program pays for care and nursing help. And again just as a quick three peat to qualify for Medicaid you're accountable assets it's primarily your liquid assets that would be your checking. Savings money market mutual fund sees your liquid assets must be spent dousing your paying for your care and then when you're down to 2000. Or 999 dollars. Then you qualify and so when you pass your family is left with very little hardly anything. However with the knowledge and the right long term care insurance plan. You can leave your family hundreds of thousands of dollars even if you need Medicaid. The like okay well what do you mean how does that work so this is exactly what we talked about last week. In so Nancy let me get real specific here if you purchase a long term care insurance plan that is qualified is a state partnership plan. You do not have to spend your assets down to that 2999. Like I just mentioned so to qualify for Medicaid. You'll cough be excuse me you'll qualify for Medicaid when your assets equal. The total amount of benefit paid out by your long term care insurance policy. You see the long term care insurance partnership program provides dollar for dollar asset protection. In each dollar that you're partnership policy. Pays in benefits entitles you to keep a dollar of your assets even if you need to apply for Medicaid. Coverage. Down the road. Myself to still confusing let me give you some numbers and it's always dangerous. I throw a lot of numbers on this program numbers and radio don't necessarily go together but it. I'm gonna give the shot here all right. Marks laughing at me he's like yeah I'll be careful with that okay cell. So here we come I say here's an example. Let's say you have two hundred twenties that Imus making up numbers here okay 220000. Dollars in accountable assets. And that now means your. Checking savings money market mutual fund CDMA a soldier home and that's now. Liquid assets so your council your liquid assets or 220000. Right and then you have a long term care insurance state partnership policy that pays out that ended up paying out for your care. A total of 200000 dollars in total. Benefits. And now the policy is expired. You'll now have to spend down your assets from that 220000. Dollars. Down to 200000. Dollars. And boom you qualify for Medicaid. In this example when you pass. You leave your state your children your family. Etc. 200000. Dollars in this example you'll leave them. The amount of the benefit that paid out from your long term care insurance plans with out the long term care insurance plan. You'll leave your family and estate 2000 dollars or 999. Dollars. All right in this stunning. Difference. Makes purchasing and long term care insurance state partnership plan. The biggest no brainer on the planet. Ball Steve unknown that insurance cost me 150 bucks a month. Okay well guess why. Even if you need Medicaid somewhere down the road and that plan is gonna pay out 150000. Dollars you think it's worth it. Because you can hold on 250000. Dollars or whatever the plan paid out over the period of time. You can leave that to your family is that worth it I think most people. Would say yes and for more information. About this if I hope it's not too confusing Nancy I hope that helped answer the question and you can always call me again and senior care consulting and 913. 9452800. We're talking about long term care insurance state partnership. Plants. All right for the senior care lie of the question of the week. Serving in the following branch of the military does not qualify. For the VA aid and attendance benefits. Eight army. Beat navy seal air force. Dean the Marines or he. Reserves in any branch of the answer right after the break you're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior. Care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the program and how we can help you and your family. Call our whole free number any time 1803316445. Again. 1803316445. Don't forget if he ever would like to stream the program to any electronic device. Simply go to senior care lives dot com and click on the large conspicuous listen live button you click that little streams straight year found. Tablet computer whatever you have it is really and literally that simple. Why back to the senior care lives question of the week. Serving in the following branch of the military does not. Qualify for the VA. Aid and attendance benefit. The choices are a army. Beat navy. Sea air force. Is you must have at least ninety consecutive days of in the key key phrase active duty. One of the branches of our military so. Being in the reserves and thank you for that in thank you for your service and god bless you but for this particular program. That would not qualified now if fight your reserves may be after an active duty branched. Active duty I'm. Service in in one of the branches then then that we've done that would work as long as you served. Our active duty ninety consecutive days at least one day. During a period of war and again all of those details I date ranges at setter out our online at senior care live dot com. All right so let's shift gears here and Ty Q I'd just briefly about a program. Then I created in frankly it was just really from. Speaking with two male clients in the same week just a couple of days apart. And I have a man look at me and he said Steve he says I've had something. Literally keeping me awake at night for a long time and he's the caregiver. And he's he's providing care for his wife she needs a lot of care. Doing great job he's kind of stressed out he's getting tired but he's he's so keeping it up he's doing great job for his wife and he said. Here's what's been keeping me up tonight Steve. What if I don't wake up tomorrow morning. What happens to my wife. He said if if something should happen god forbid. Cheek she can't she couldn't even get herself out of bed. Who's going to care for my wife. Should something happen to meet. I'm Mike while Yahoo!. But let's talk about down I have a lot of ideas so I had to not I'm not I'm not kidding I had two men within two or three days with in the same week. Say almost the same thing so. Set in and then I thought well I'm gonna create a program to address this need because if they have the same concerns guess what. Lots of other men out there and it could be for the ladies is while caring for their husband but a lot of other people out there can have the same concerns so. I thought about what do you call Vegas and I thought about. On your on our wedding day we make a lot of promises. Say in sickness and in health and we say I do in all these things we make promises so I called this plan. I promise. And then that they have I guess the footnote to that is peace of mind promise kept so here's what we did for this particular gentleman. We set up a life alert pendant. For their home so that it if the worst should happen. Okay she can at least call for help. In case of an emergency. All right and so then then we need to provide care for her because he is her sole care provider. He's doing a great job too. Not by some happens to him big big big trouble. Right so we went through the search and selection process with my firm's senior care consulting. And we identified our top three assisted living in nursing home options for her. They say here's my first choice is my second choice here's my third choice so we went through that we did we don't need it today. But we may he said like I don't want these decisions to be made for her I want to know I want to direct this care. And then we turnaround in we identified two home care companies that can provide 24. Hour care. And then I drafted a simple one page document. After that he provided to his son to his attorney his son lives out in in Arizona. K he has his own family's own concerns he loves his parents but guess what he can't just drop by and he's not involve data de. So his son has this this document his attorney financial advisors even one of his neighbors. And so here's what his plan stated in case an emergency. They had a very supportive church and they had a church group they should be contacted immediately and someone from their church can be at their house and twenty minutes. To stay with his wife. The next step you contact the home care company to begin 24 hour care the same day. And we screened to companies that can accommodate this is the one can't do it call choice number two so we have some redundancy. And then number three you contact the facility. To begin the admission process facility number one this is our our first choice second choice and their choice they call choice number one. And if there's a little bit of awaiting a little bit of weight because a lot of times or could be a couple of weeks wait a month or two. We can wait for up to ninety days. We can pay for in home care for 24 hours willing to do that for ninety days if they have a six month wait list it's not gonna work for us then we fall back to. Two facility choice number two or number three writes we have redundancy. And and and we've got that covered. And then I said debt to him and he went ahead and added to ban on the back page other items included calling the realtors sell the home. I contact the mover and other providers that would service and provide an address other needs so if this plan. Resonates with few if you have some similar concerns. You're caring for your spouse and you wonder. What happens to them if something happened and for seeing her unexpected happens CU. How is your spouse going to get care contact me for the I promise plan. Peace of mind promise kept. Will develop a customized planned for you in your family in your situation in your needs. 9139452800. Again that would be contacting me as senior care consulting 9139452800. For the plan that I simply call. I promise. All right let's shift gears and talked to my friend Ryan gamble with big gamble team and Ryan. Welcome back to senior care. Or life. Thanks for having me back Steve fox what a great plan that is exact kind of ties in the maybe some things sent to am I can I Kim we've in this is well so. Awesome banks have been back absolutely I'm so glad to have you here. And an animal talk you know a lot more about not you're very specialized you realistic services. In all the qualifications that you have been why. You should reach out to a specialized real tour verses a realtor without the special is they should sold it and all that bit. Of that that I promised planned and be a big part of that is who is gonna sell the house I mean that's part of this. Well it is and you know liked having a plane in place means acute. How much more control what's gonna happen. And that's one of the biggest things that feel listeners. You know having the plan knowing what you gonna do soon you're not caught up in the situation. Where you cannot. We do not have a a good choice guy and you don't want someone else make in the choices for you because. Frankly they may not be able to make is as good a choice it is she would have so all right so right after the break. We'll continue our conversation and not with Ryan gamble this highly specialized realtor with to gamble team more right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the program and how we can help you and your family. Collar toll free number any time 1803316445. Again. That's 180331. 6445. And don't forget he ever miss an episode a senior care live you can always go to the podcast tab. It's senior care live dot com click on the podcast tab and you can listen to any previously aired episode. Indy can also share them with friends family and have a realists and if you'd like to sell. I check it out right back to my special guest today mr. Ryan gamble with their gamble team and if you need a realtor. To sell your home. You need to call Ryan and his wife Tonya they worked together they're an awesome team. You can check out the gamble team dot com and just give Ryan a call at 913. 2200818. Again 91322008. 18 and Ryan you know we'd we talked about real estate in selling your home and you entice you to Tonya I have a specialized. Area where you're able to help. Families who may be responsible for an elderly loved one in moving someone from a home that they lived in for decades. Verses you know my house and live inferred you know what seven years it it's it's a very difference and the situation. Well there's yeah I hated it absolutely is a different situation. There's a lot as an emotion. And in history in family it may have grown up there. And there's other other considerations and what do I do with all these things and can be. Extremely overwhelming and frankly I imagine many your listeners out there. Thinking them to themselves. Boy I hope I don't have to move because I got a lot of items here that I have to deal with. And you know the software really intricate really inching your your ear. Your plan. That you talk about keeping the promise. Not really ties into. An in a lot of ways what. What were all about on the real estate side no one can assume I'm not understand. The connection between why would wanna work with me. Senior. Trained real estate professional. I'll why not work with someone else well there so there's a lot of interwoven components here. And one of those things if you've heard me on the show before and that con night one of the passionate reasons that we are. Doing what we're doing here on the show. Is to help people. Understand that some pretty cleaning is one of the most important thing Suu Kyi could be doing right now. Net pre planning I have a couple. A couple on things we'll talk about here in in a moment some suggestions. Considerations that it set pre planning what we see. Is not an emergency happens. The RRR. Famer and member. Does not have choices. And up where there's a spot. And the house sits there and to. I'm seeing a lot of that. And and as so it's like far you know how does that how does that really impact me well. One you end up mainly worried you wouldn't have chosen to go up. An and to. I see you you don't have them the plan in place to inactive. How to liquidate. On the items in the home how us get the home moved. They're probably some screen. We preparations as your home owner and things you need to dip in years went on scene in. Vacant homes where senior. Had an emergency had to move out. You know family has a lot on their mind most importantly he is now also there their family member. And the house is really secondary. On the power house probably also as one of their meager assets are certainly is significant asset. So what what I've seen as Sam Karr recently and move on into a number of homes where. And it it is the senior and lived out. There and is there any community somewhere. And the house has just been sitting there while there's some implications and and challenges without. It's not the end of the world. You know in this case gutters hadn't been cleaned out we've had a heavy. Have me rained situation this spring moon and the water in the basement. Yeah water in the basement back that can cause mold. Mold is expenses to two remaining eight. I'm how mean. Foundational issues can cost you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. And those are things that can't happen when no one's living at the house in the maintenance isn't done. And that you know helps keep them home healthy and retains the the value. So ultimately you're Lou you know the family. Maintenance seniors losing some of their equity because how. Since the tyranny. Not even heard of some some homes that have been left I'm. And lived in. And it is the exact situation in there crisis occurred bill now mom or dad is there and they're in a nursing home and we did see is coming or we didn't prepare for it. That happens more often than not. Not been in the house is like you said this is kind of a secondary how well what do we do with that so it sits around for months and then we have a problem. And then you go to file an insurance claim in the insurance company finds out that the home has not been occupied for months they deny your claim. Yes absolutely if you're sitting on a vacant property. My best advice to you on wind need to make sure your insurance company is aware that the home is vacant. And I'm more than likely your insurance is gonna go up significantly for the vacant property but. You know you wanna make sure that your covered in the event that something were to happen. Then get death saying cleaned out figure out what you're taking what you're selling what you're donating. And so it. In Emeka make corrections make improvements don't make improvements sell it as is but move the property before it becomes damaged and worth. Half as much yeah absolutely it's it's it's time it's like L like any other assets he he wanted to. Take certain precautions to ensure that it maintains the value you know another thing I I've I hadn't I I've seen houses had been vacant. I'm unattended over the winner. And next thing you know broken pipes moon. So there's a lot of things that can be done and I analyzed tips and I'd be happy to share someone wants to reach out and you know how that our home that's taken ten what to do. Op and most importantly what Tony and I feel very strongly and have a plan. If something happens know what you're gonna do and that's truly Steve what you were talking about. And does we've ended the training that we had in the end and at the two guys and we have. Yeah this this pre planning require some communication. In May be communication with your spouse or maybe communication with the entire family your friends and I talked Lehman about I. And that this would be to communication and that the seniors would have this pre planning discussion. It's also tied into also you can use these same concepts if you decide you're gonna make him. And so you know including your seemly can be very important. It's not always be advisable thing to do but usually it is has sometimes seem waste don't get along well enough so. And then that you know the meeting would probably not be is set productive. But you and getting getting things set says that year your loved ones are taking Kara. The house and in liquidation. Of the belongings within the home. And there's there's funny ways to have that happen that's something that we can guide you through. And give you input into. You know some various Anderson and choices the key though is that you get what you what what you deserve to be getting out of the sale of your home in terms of amount of money. And that what year you're doing with the remaining. Are your compensated. Fairly for. All right in so we also talked about in in what we're in the previous episodes that B a right now the market is hot. In inserts in in certain areas. It's it's real hot. It in and then it also depends on what what price range the home is in. But I think that you and Tanya had been running into actually a a lack of options because the homes are selling so fast. But in the case of selling a senior home who may be downsizing too and apart manner maybe independent living assisted living or nursing care. Yeah you're not you're not looking necessarily for another home to move in and you could be but a lot of times are moving to a a community in so. You're not on the receiving end it this is a seller's market right now pretty much. It is sad and my enlargement a seller's market. And I think pool will probably continue to see that in in many price ranges are. Four. Through at least shouldn't be key selling area. I season and I'm you know what we we see next year may be more flopped. Then and then and more balanced and and kind of expect that. But. It's it if their home sitting vacant absolutely any needs attention in and visitation from some money. On a frequent basis to make sure that town everything is isn't in good order. All of the above happened with my grandparents' house. I'm so my my grandma watch over grandpa he and early dementia and so and then she fell and she fractured her neck. And and she wasn't paralyzed she survive they have that now we have two people needing some care so relocated them to me I hit a nice assisted living facility. But she did not want me to sell the house. She said someday we may go to go back. And so we we kept the house up and opened but over the winner a pipe broke we had to have that fixed. We we I'm a squirrel somehow got into their addict so we had to go squirrel hunting and earned you know evicting a squirrel. He was cute that he doesn't belong in my grandparents attic. Right and then what one of the gutters I came over what time whether the gutter sitting on the sidewalk gave to foul off. And so all these things can happen in an unattended well. Absolutely and and and not to mention that. There have been circumstances where homes are vacant in folks if the man in and remove copper plumbing and sample moon there's just a number of factors and you know certainly. If there's hope that mom and dad can move back I understand if you're sitting vacant. And then you know it's is probably your probably. He probably losing. Losing value over Imus sits there all right Ryan let's continue this conversation right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about. The program and how we can help you and your family. Collar toll free number 1803316445. Operators are standing by as she can call any time 1800. 3316445. Back to my special guest today. Mr. Ryan gamble with the gamble team. Ryan and Tonya gamble. I can be reached at 9132200818. Or online at gamble team. Dot com they are Keller Williams Realty partners and Ryan you are. Highly certified. And in in very very specific area. Helping seniors with their move you wanna talk about what that means and how important that is I think this is a really big deal whether there is so I'm. My wife and ice the number of years ago went through some experiences with our our parents and in no one trains you on what to do. When when these types of moves and downsizings are necessary so. I'm let's just say this that we were met with a lot of resistance from our parents. And we couldn't really quite understand why. And so we we sought out some advanced training. And it's see ship. And this is the designation. That we got in. Anyway sit next to its first certified senior housing professional hunt so you know coming along with I mean I have to. Two resource guides that. You're not really you're not gonna find on the open market to buy. And that comes with my training and one is downsizing made easy. And there is a wealth of information contained him with that regarding the entire process of downsizing. And that's for your parents. Words for the children. To get more information that's available if you call me I would be happy to provide you a copy. 913220081. It. Last month I gave this away and and then I was giving far away and I got more than five calls how soon life type of place to another order some more books and and there are few people yet. To receive their copy that it will be going out so if you. Oh world listen to the program last last month I expect to copy soon. And then there's another another. Resource called moving mom and dad and the five common mistakes adult children of aging parents make. And how to avoid them and how to avoid them and avoid them how I read that before I raised him had minor girls and then what we know now. So you know I I don't I think my family is probably like many families and and talking about. The latter stages in life can be in difficult discussion. If it's something that can be initiated by on buyer parents. And often times it is and in the downsizing ABC guide. You walk she throw you some options some considerations. About how to inform the family. What to do if you haven't if Paul. Namely arrangement. And it just is very comprehensive and thorough beat them the resources are probably about fifty pages or so. Both of them. And then when he moved moving moment and guide is really. It's insightful to both our parents and but that is really as a strong target toward. And their children and family. Of parents in arranging. And really helping giving us the advanced knowledge that we need to deal with the special. Challenges to come along with downsizing and in moving mom and dad in the latter stages of life. Well I really appreciate. That this isn't these resources are not free to UN tonne you guys invest a lot of money in them. And I truly appreciate dead that you are offering. These guides you know one or the other two are listeners free of charge. That's that's very generous to you and I appreciate that. Yeah either I'm Sidney value of the guy is 249525. Dollars yeah and you know if we can help. People in Kansas City metro. And transition their parents and reduce the stress and and and have a positive experience. An outcome. You know we've done what we we set out to do here. And we can participate and help. Help in the process. With the expertise. Around. Under steaming the challenges and dynamics and the various. Moving parts and are necessary to make this all happened. In any team everything from you knew what type of legal documents in and we have references on who to go to. I'm because we're not attorneys. Who'd help you move. We help you pack. What to do with the home do we sell and as is or don't we. Those are all things that are all individually customized in terms of how we approach in the incidents in the Stanley in hand there. And their and their parents. All right. Call Ryan gamble and Tonya gamble. The gamble team dot com is online and their phone number 913. 2200818. If you need to sell a home or if you're interested in one of these resource is be sure to give Brian call. And he'll discuss with you which resource might be the best one to fit. Your question to answer your questions and meet your needs 913. 22008. 18 and also. Along with Thea certified senior housing professional designation. Which is about the equivalent of the public college exam again this is a college level. Course so it isn't something where you're going ending asleep to a test and you get to certification. This is the real deal along with that. Ryan and Tonya are so serious about self improvement. And being that top professionals that they can be they have also attended Harvard. For. Negotiations train their trained. By Harvard. To negotiate. For EU. OK I I don't know any other realtor that that has done that that can do that that is a real real state team Iowa working for me. Ryan and Tonya gamble Harvard trained in negotiations. And certified senior housing professionals 9132200818. Yes apps I thank you Stephen yet that you know that the won't we. My wife and I Aron real estate so obviously. That's. Where are living is a how can sell it we sell homes but there's a lot of dynamics around selling a home and there's expertise since two week. You know we that we of the senior certification. We also are. We embassy RS certification which only 3% of all real estate agents in the entire country half while you know three those are. That Wright while and you know. What does that mean to you as a consumer well means it's you. Are are interviewing. A competent skilled professional. Who is going to help you achieve your goals. And that's ultimately ended the key here. And having the sensitivity and understanding the various. Dynamics involved in this senior transition. Is extremely helpful. And you did do this with your own parents Tonya has been through this. So I mean EU EU but the teacher you understand this personally as well as professionally I think that makes just an incredible. Incredibly powerful and and helpful. Combination. Well we care about seniors and seniors. Our most important. Most important all of us because of what they have done for us all sizzling and you know we need to ensure the best we possibly in the they're taking care of a lot of states. All right Brian Campbell 91322008218. Paul Ryan to sell your home and also ask him about the free resource guides. That are available Ryan gamble 913220. 08218. Ryan thanks so much for being here today thanks for having Steve. All right until every 1 listening I am so honored that you spent part of your day. Listening to this program thank you very very much. I'm your host Steve kicker and I wish you grace in peace. May god bless you and your family on this date and always. I'll see you next week right here. On senior care lie.