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Jun 29, 2016|

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to them that's global. Prepare to get rare access. And leading yes you're connected you at least a factor you'll enjoy it. Brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter. Jason grill tonight with the show on Twitter as grilled nation show at all online at grilled nation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always just okay no imminent a radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello and welcome to a grill nation on 980 AM and talk 980 AM dot com also on grill nation show. Dot com and I appreciate all listeners joining us today on iTunes and tune in radio. The last few shows took the week off last week was on vacation and ran an old show hope you enjoyed it was Jimmy Conrad bit. The last few shows we had have been very popular nineteen separation all of the folks joining us on all the different avenues whether it's iTunes live here on 980 AM. Or on line a relationship dot com. One new get into our show today and then on the thinker partners and supporters but dishes and he really interesting and our first seven we're gonna have Brad CNET in studio. Who is the president of K12 ITC which is a really cool company here in Kansas city's an entrepreneur. It's been in the education world his entire career growth in the north plan like I did. Recently is company won the mister K award from the can't seat chamber. A witch named it AK twelve ITC its top small business of the year there's a great article about that and can see star. Provides customized technology solutions and services for K12 schools K through twelve school districts. I haven't had Brett on the show you a bit he is one of Kansas city's brightest entrepreneurs and doing really work here intensity but also throughout the country so. Very soon to talk to him and our first segment and probably are second segment today. And our third and fourth segments today we're gonna have Tracy noon on she's a senior vice president marketing communications at busy Casey. She is a very actually woman she started but a year ago here in Kansas City but it worked in Las Vegas for over twenty years in marketing communications and has won numerous awards and was created back to midwest. By Ronnie bird and visit Casey in just. Really stings they're doing all kinds of neat things with the new campaign called that's how we beat Kansas City. She really gets into the metric she's cute she's NASA really inching tidbits and some things in cities doing well some things need to work on and what music Casey's doing is a hole. To attract the convention and tourism business and also the leisure traveler. And some of the different campaign guarantees me campaign. Type operations are doing including gorilla marketing in Chicago so we're gonna end of that moderates in segment. With Tracy min from busy KC hopefully you will stick around for that is it will be excited. What do think our partners and supporters of grill nation with chasing grow their trust bank of Kansas City. The Basque group and you bash she's against coasting contributor paddles government affairs Danny pipers contributor. The Reagor Casey. Appreciate all your support and contributions to relation really enjoy had having Andrew bash on a few times in the last few months with some really cool shows and guest. You mean can check this out at grill nation shell. Dot com. The game connect me online at. Relationship O on Twitter and at Jason real on Twitter as well as on its agreement FaceBook at Jason grill. Let's get started today with our first guest we have in CDO Brad Stanton who is the president of K12 ITC. Rat looking at shell. Welcome. News. Re going to be here it's good to see Amanda I think sir thanks for joining us took it so Kate twelve ITC what is it what do you do in the we'll get any kind your background. I. I'm I'm a technology guy bit I think it. You can probably explain better advocate the death FF. Think it's well IDC is a company focused on technology services for K12 school districts we really try and relieve the burden of managing technology so. Schools can focus on using it in the instructional process and you have via a background and education and you were part guilt I was a part coastal district from a fourteen years and it was a long time started in high school clear that SO. I just kind of got started and went from there the near on your bio it says you were the director of technology and it's his 1988. Our guest and high school and are not way out I start as a student technician wasn't director back then but I worked my way up and moved into a network Roland and up to directors and leading the group. What was that what was that like I mean. Technology when we are back in high school. Were were pretty close to the same page kind of grip in the same area. Which is exciting to see doing so well I mean I can't a year early remember back to. I slid I mean Allen saint Pius and we had a keyboard glass and I think. Now that I look back that might have been probably the most important class took at high school feet. Learning how to type was probably really important I mean that looking back it's crazy is the time I thought. You know I don't know I don't know if this is going to be a big deal you know random type and on an old apple and that I mean doubt it's amazing. A you're you're talking about back to the windows 95 days then but keyboard and class in high school and Q boarding isn't second and third grade now you know this kind of OK everything's gone and I remember that Newark we're learning how to type as freshmen guys up its you'd still have these days. But indeed just I was reading Steve case's new book on third wave. AOL was just becoming a thing and people. Had no idea what they mean I mean I didn't get the Internet probably until dial up until junior senior guys. So as a director of technology park hill available refocused on back that. No really it was it was a basic skills like you talk about word processing in just instead of being on a typewriter it was on a computer at the time and I think everybody knew that's where technology was going the Internet was in its infancy at the time. And the muscles just basic connectivity in and save an impending fox held there. So you you kind of always neat camera do something and computer tech sounds like even if you were in high school donor and I mean there that was cutting your path. Yeah I was I've always tell you wanted to be an entrepreneur you just think this is because of the damage well. Did you protocol I group and family business and even with that I started working on invoicing was going digital back in early ninety's the bid for the business a lot of people still and got into a guess at. Take me through. You know I mean how did you how did this become one of fastest growing companies in Kansas City. We have how'd that work I mean when you started this business was it just you or how did it work how how did an aggressive path. Yeah right you know the business kind of started as an idea like a lot of them do but. And on the side as a side project and the full time job done. Was. Trying to do it and was. Just engaged to my now wife and now even married a half off just had a fiftieth anniversary so well over five years ago we're talking and I had at the discussion and said them had net income payment quit my just hostages and full time. And had some other people who are definitely early contributors in the process and and but ultimately just cited take a leap of faith. Whose ornate at least we had some contracts and in the works and that always helps freshman from an area that that's and when you were working in at park Illinois a school district. I mean what were you seeing was the kind of the biggest. Mean when you look around to different school districts the biggest need. Reality technology yet when I was at the school district and it's inside this whole thing in particular rule areas didn't have the technology talent they didn't have. You know talk about our high school technology some of whom still have that five years ago and that's what they were trying to work with so there's a huge opportunity to you. Enhance what they did so that every student no matter where you grow up with someone racquets technology. Introduced the cloud to the concept you're able to bring efficiencies and things of what possible so. There's tons of opportunity in and the metro areas that it had a better shot at the rulers definitely mean well. We're talking to Brad Sanderson president K12 ITC either website is. OK twelve ITC dot com we are back on grilled nation with more threats it thinks both. As in past them and chance. And take the amount. So welcome back to grill nation thanks for joining us again after the break on top 98 AM and talked nine Indian dot com as bulls on grow nation show dot com we can find all for podcasts. This photos of our guests and if for more information about the show as well as a thank you for listening today on iTunes. A we're talking to you Brad CN who's the president of 812 ITC. And K12 IC ITC is a delivers technology solutions and services exclusively to Kate OK through twelve school districts. The focus on technology while the school's focus on education the platform allows you. The save money. Has very exclusive focuses. Their staff is extremely get expertise and it is in the cloud. Brats OK so you're the director of technology park hill school district. For many years started in high school working in technology there. That belief and faith had a contract. In started your company. You one of the fastest growing companies here in Kansas City as we mentioned so. How did you decide I mean to say you had these contracts in the when did you have that pain for you had to say. Yeah we gotta expand this thing is I know in my businesses I've always had that issue with you know key county comfortable with varying consulting here with with a start up like suck on wonder. Tegra media whatever and your Connell like cab making good money now. I really wanna hire someone who I really wanna make that move in and seems like you guys I mean you kept close to what forty employees Tony employees now are about 3535 yet so you guys are at 35. And just a few short years now. What is LA coming in you have to scale I guess and in the shoe endorsement. There im my wife Terri and crazy. But I have to keep growing you know I. If board a little bit if you will so. There was never really cruise control for me we wanna do you make sure we reinvest that money continued to grow the business you know we ticket as an opportunity. To really work additional customers are businesses very word of mouth driven men and relationships are everything is the most businesses but we really. The focus on growing and and staying very very narrow focus in on not getting too broad. There's been a lot of companies are excuse me two schools are once again and higher Ed and now we've just been really laser focused at noon. And sort. So take me through what you do for school I saw him you know public school in Kansas City and not working with yet. Where we go from there when we started what do you guys offer. We can do pretty much anything related technologies. In terms of infrastructure and ongoing operations. Elegant web sites than some of those things but. We can do as little or as much as people like come on our niche service is. Turnkey. Management of all all the things that make it where you can get on line so. Our pitches essentially that you by the laptops tablets whatever you'd like animal handlers and gets you online network work. Inching and so I'm seeing on your website Wi-Fi in school buses. What does that tell me about that yet we we we actually tickets at several components one Wi-Fi it. Adapter and some cell technology in putting into a backpack. With a lot of schools take hourlong bus trips to. Go play regional conference game or whatever maybe in. Lot of schools are doing 11 so. Activities important we put that on backpack. Could take it with you on all bus protect communal thing they went in law. I'm so we're just trying to think in new ways to make should technologies where people need it and it's a shame because. You know it was you who think more people would understand its schools have a need for this right. You you're you're kind of like you're kind of doing everything in consulting he looks you let's say you're doing you work with devices you worked in the cloud your game with infrastructure security. Really offering solutions training they need. Technology gap. I think the market has some nuances that are just different now. You know people get scared of the day of education you have 90% of the staff return and one week after being down for three months assist no later than a business situation grows so. I think. There are different different challenges than not everybody knows how to cock Romans and some specials they should know that what happens now we're in the summer months now people are on vacation school schools are in a summer in summer school at most public schools are if private apology as a private and charter school gets you right up. You know it's this is our busiest time of year in neck and Iran are related to account in April probably. You know everybody's out and gives us chance do a lot of upgrades and a new technology deployments. We have about 5000 devices were rolling out this year and various school districts. As a replacement so state a lot of manpower and we like to hire students and interns from my cast refine caps. I schools that we serve and that didn't exist we are in school I don't know now there's people it's. Promoting entrepreneurship and one on technology in schools. Recently received the he seat chamber named its top small business and years rename that that's pretty incredible I mean. It's named after mr. K obviously Ewing Kauffman is one of the brightest and smartest entrepreneurs are against city and throughout the country. Most like his that was that was announced the thirtieth. Thirtieth annual small business celebration there's some pretty pretty big companies that won the award boulevard won it in I mean. Pretty cool right it's it's awesome and probably the best part for me was to see outside and our staff was. A man that you know I have the I'm honored to it to be able go up and receive the award but it's really is the company awarded everybody. Now works to achieve and I think they're still on cloud nine from from getting open and all. In going on I I'd probably even underestimated a little bit about now what the impact that was going to be but it's great to stop and celebrate we don't do that enough. We definitely don't celebrate and company young company unit there and this thing. I tell you what you guys are eighty school district. I think the numbers probably old at this point and I don't live tonight you have. Twenty we Rea we keep growing our seven states 07 seats you have a national. Well we wanna be nationwide in about three or four years aspirin every state. Penetrate and yeah. It says that this is at just the sales got a boots on the ground marketing. You know you know were relationships other places that are leotard because in Kansas City you know. What's it's very hard to directly what you done here because of the network art at least an entrepreneur. Here if you build it I mean you had that it core customers rants it's just how audience that next. Yet you know bases used in you have to details yeah I mean sales is huge debts that's a key part of our plan for this year is just getting some national exposure you know it starts with the year exposure our sales cycles twelve to eighteen months as long process. So. Definitely ramping up the salesman and you know so far we've been under percent bootstrap. Drove yet or reinvesting in you know the profits we make into it from my growth so take some time let. We've got a pretty good formula down on. Well it puts a competition like is there a lot of companies try to do what you're doing or is it just you guys of the technology and infrastructure in this the brains to make it do better than anyone else. He could find a technology company having gets anywhere Eric Pena you can you can find that I think with the focus and specials nation we have. It's it's much harder to find that type of a company and we do have a lot of custom stuff that we've built. Specific tore our industry that really other people are are matching. No couple couple others in the nation but that's about it thus far you guys are focused on over the rulers as and that's a special for you guys because it is more difficult. There's different challenges. You know different school sizes have different challenges location has and it's our budgetary from budgets all of those were two things that. You know that's where. We've been able to the most successful Muslim we take this town has had on hand and trying come up with solutions solve them. So are our primary product Albert. You can only see on our website is. Really culmination of understanding histories have different sizes locations and everything goes and those. Have a look today yet but I will Albert is on the lips and that is your. Is that your who was a big. Big technology in the kind of one over the school districts is that within it under the pointy dads say it's basically packages everything in Q a monthly fees so that. That though we can handle everything that they need in and the gimmick to focus on. Educating students. Did. How do you deal with that on your daily basis with different guys school districts and phone budgets I mean that's probably what scares people most is when they hear about public education Maryland with their funding like I don't I even. You know would it look I don't even write a contract for the event. We don't when he first started at a beach and efficiency is is our prep you know one of our primary focus area so when. We talk about tight budgets and education and even going on in Kansas right now it's anonymously. Challenged. There's a lot of opportunity for us because we're trying to do is off load costs that would typically be in non managing technology you can spend them and other areas so. If it's tight maybe that's in some teachers salaries if it's. And maybe a little better budget you can be bind devices for kids but. You know the focus is is under Sony efficiency for us to the were. An aide to the budget problem not a not an increased but. So looking towards the future you guys are Kansas City company which is great. You're you're you've lived here pretty much her whole life are you. You're talking about national what what's your goal for that I mean is that is like a five year plan tenure plan. If you wanna be in every state hell what's your what you had to settle for less than I was crazy random and I'm thinking three to four here are we going to be there. You know part of it is. A lot in the way we do develop solutions right so as we look to move to a nationwide basis we talked about sales little bit who also. Have to evaluate how we deploy our technology how we manage it in remote locations. And all that stuff is going on to make sure that once sales are in place we don't have to take on a lot of additional pain with the deployment of the technology itself so. Without giving a lot of way we've got that down I'm pretty well so I think. I'm you know we're poised to pick on a school in Utah are Idaho or wherever maybe today. In shape what what's one of the top things you learn on your entrepreneurial injured and so far too didn't it didn't expect. You know. I've probably expected a little bit but not as much but just the amount of time goes infuse. Managing operations those. Who doing what really matters and in the what we do from a service offering and so forth whether states are financial. I'm related management of that. Contracts contracts all those sorts of things and and it's all stuff needs be done it's all very important but. In the day it's not it's not improving things for an customer Obama spoke Nina Perkins folks on building the products are random veteran I've been in fixing the technology. Brad sand is the president of 812 ITC. The website is hate. Twelve I TC dot com check it out to have a press room on there and won the mister Kahle award from the Casey chamber which. Acknowledges the basses that tops all business. Of the year and K12 ITC's one of the fastest growing companies in in the city. Thanks for coming in relation grading you look with your company appreciated thanks for them they solicit regulation Sho be right back after the break with more with Tracy made from in the Casey. Our thanks for your son or relay last season and now our family and relaying an incident in America beta find out today and I can even. Welcome back to grill nation here on talk 980 AM and talked nine ADM dot com also appreciate joining me today on. Grow nation showed dot com and on iTunes. Love that we're have analog digital listeners these days as well as on line and on the radio. One of truly quickly get to our sponsors and and partners of relationship before going to our next segment on the show. They pull those up for you real quick they are. Trust bank of Kansas City the Basque group catalyst Cuban affairs the rear Casey. You see tar light district and two us advisors and Ryan wrinkles wanna think inner bash standing by for and Ryan maybe. For their contributions to grill nation show. On our next segment first up also on the sake that could be on Twitter at Jason gorilla that gorilla nation show. Our next segment we are lucky to have in studio Tracy Minh and his senior vice president marketing and communications at music Casey. Love busy case clo all the work that they do here in Kansas City and we've had the CEO CEO on the pass runny Burt when he came on. And then also had a Mona I think a year into his is his term is a as the CEO and talked about has moved to Kansas City. And about what's going on a busy Casey's so. Tracy is someone new Kansas City she started working visit Casey is a senior vice president marketing communications in the late in. In August of two dozen fifteen late summer 2015 so I wanted to have her on the show today to talk about. Kind of her background in the get into you some of the exciting new things that are happening in visit Casey was some new campaigns that they've entered into and we've been having a lot of fun off the air. As well talking about socks and we're first purchasing Kansas City was sock on ones that's pretty cool. Tracy welcome to grow nation thank you good to have you in Syria. So. You came from Las Vegas Sun cracked so tell us about that time is CU obviously the working marketing of the two joined him vial. Your whole career. Wrecked boy Henry is now ninth so that's the full circle approach of coming back to my midwestern roots and coming back to be near my family. Born and raised in all night. And pursued a career in hospitality management it was back in the good old days the tone restaurant management and even LB. And found my career path to be very successful for one very important metric and not our midwest work ethic. And never intended to spend 27 years and that market. But did so because of the wealth of opportunity provided to me. The you have a lot of different hotels under center and and things going on there as the biggest became a tourist destination printed I had the opportunity to see the destination evolve and grow and grow up per say along with my career. On the longest tenure with fifteen years with MGM resorts international working on every brand from a corporate perspective. And then on ground. On property at the rise for the past seven and a half years which I believe. I believe has absolutely positioned beef for this destination. Evolving from marketing a property brands to marketing a city and marketing at destination. And got back on I'm very grateful for. Are excited for. My son is now in college at UNLV and with him leaving the nest I thought it was a great opportunity for me. You get back to my her very cool so. Kaiser time and so far back in the midwest. It's so exciting and I know I drive everyone in our office crazy because. I talk about the story from Murray tell perspective I spent 27 years in the Las Vegas hospitality industry. And I have not one retail item that has the words Las Vegas on it. And I am very. Proud although to my husband's chagrin I have four drawers of retail that are dedicated to hate you because that's where he read recently received his Ph.D. The royals Kansas City in general and the chiefs and I am working on a sporting KC during now. At interstate Sunday she never in early kinda. Dave really don't have Vegas at that casino. Corrected whether the missing metric that we were lacking in that market. Is that community pride and passion for the destination remember transit. Correct phrase we had 5000 people moving in and out every month and we didn't have the impeccable sporting teams we didn't have the sense of community. And the other very big messed metric that we. Had a great loss of was. The cultural opportunities there and the arts community like we have the insurgents here and the organic growth we didn't have that. And six Tracy men and as with visit Casey is the case season nonprofit economic development organization dedicated tourism. The mission is to ignite eagle passion for visiting Kansas City. The marketing sales and service of the convention in tourist industries visit Casey supports a vital and growing component of the local economy. I generates many jobs in that Bruton drives a lot of money and economic impact annually billions of dollars here in Kansas City the website is visit Casey dot com. OK so. How this all happened now you're in Kansas City senior vice president I've worked with this case it appears they've always been a great organization. They are you obviously have done three branding the last few years. And it's it's pretty cool teams like you guys have a really good story to tell. Compared to where was his five years ago. Correct and that has been driven buyer leadership first and foremost Ronnie berg as you mentioned is our president and CEO. He's been on the ground here in this market in two years and his focus on elevation of any anything and everything. From the inside out on the outside and and one of those big major investments that he looked at immediately was we are visitors Fenner and we are welcoming the world to our doorstep. And the past offices were on the 22 floor. Of a high rise development and he. I looked outside and looked at the fact that we need to be engaged with the community we need to be at ground level and we need to have a welcoming environment. And our offices. Are at thirteen 21 Baltimore when the power and light district. Where immediately adjacent to the help president then and we connect to the power and light district. At ground level and in the a little over one year's time. At ground level welcoming in the world we've seen 3000 visitors from 48 states and sixteen countries. And that's a very important goal in addition to that rice worked very hard to get the right people on the right team. And on the right seats on the bucks and and that strategic approach of looking at some of the latest C employees that have been there for decades. And looking at the innovation in the Trenton where we're going in the marketplace in meeting that emerging demand. And also taking a step back. To make certain that. The removal of silos happen and that's something that's very important specifically from marketing and sales. They were working in in two different verticals and they weren't exactly connecting and they were collaborating in the past. And that's something that he's very focused on laser focused on intending that we embrace. The level of collaboration and teamwork and focused and what we invest in we only have 45 people on our team we are final once you fix corporation. It's very important that we had the best and brightest and that we're hitting an awful owners all time. In sick I I didn't know I was gonna ask a big music Casey was on the employees were part of it. 45 more running likes to say is their 45 of us but our goal is to have 450000. Kansas City and out there as our brand ambassadors and we can't do it alone we can absolutely. Set the strategies and we can act acute against our goals and R&R keep the ice or leisure visitation and meetings and conventions and on economic development an impact. But we absolutely need the bring an ambassadorship from every Kansas City that's very important. So are your this is a regional operation right. It's it's not just downtown. That's a very good point and working with our new agency of record and I biology is not an industry. I got so sick dogs on the phone but I do get caller good at NASA thinks that taking into an ability they'll as a linebacker pat Ryan would be very happy with me if knows me. So we've aligned with our new agency of record MMQ where are global in the hometown agency here in Kansas City where and team are awesome. One of the things that we found out right away is. Anything that we do and anything that we invest in capsule has to have metric and what RK PI is where are we and where Monica. And I notice that first time when I went to your annual meeting I think it was I didn't go to the one this year routier's via. Yeah I was in a video tears ago your enemy as critical. Look at the local entrepreneurs. It was it spreads their last year two years ago. I forgot the name it but it was really cool and yet canyon on the tables of this or else I enjoyed it greatly many adding to go back and immunity sharpen the picture. I'll send you videos we elevated Casey this year. I love it it was awesome just the theme music to all of the speakers walking up Tiffany company is likely it was a very first class is very well done I was very impressed by it. Unseen since like her thoughts of Kansas City so far pretty good. I give did you ever been here before. Here here's my feedback to that question. I have an eighteen year old son turning nineteen we take trips on an annual basis from Los the Las Vegas market. Specifically to New York in DC twice per year. This early for the cultural. Experiences the museum's. And the dean these social environment that I could expose him to we've also in traveled to different countries however. I was so upset and when I came in for the interview process and aides started my research this opportunity. The selection committee and I presented to you IE express to them my level of disappointment in the fact that I had no idea. That the beautiful wonderful museums that we have here from Nelson Atkins museum the World War I museum. And date the Kemper and then of course the Kauffman center for the performing arts. Had no idea that they existed they weren't on May radar because nobody told me about them and the fact that I could've flown. Very easily for two and a half hours from Las Vegas strictly here. I had no idea and that's very important as we bring in our city and we establish our brand identity we are not the next New York Chicago LA we're not those markets are sampling. Distinctly different and we're different. Because of the way we do things it's not. The things that we have here it's the experiential nature and the authenticity of arts and. About a minute left in the seven we're gonna go on and excitement talk about it this really cool new campaign you guys are working on that. What do we need you more of in fifty seconds like you just mentioned those things we should do but how shall we do that are you ready for the. Yes we need to confidently. Go forward and speaker claim an absolutely. Steve our position at center stage. On the world scene this authenticity and the welcoming nature of who we are well absolutely generate that return tourism and returned visitation. We need to get out there first and probably. Speak communicate and provide the fear of missing out for our destination for all the car cultural opportunities. Our location malady are affordability either urban Renaissance that's happening here. And the world class culinary and sports scene may need to talk about it and we need to own confidently and proudly. Call it totally agree Tracy Mintz senior vice president marketing communications with a visit EC we wreck back after the break with more prone nation thinks rooms. Oh welcome back to grill nation on talk 980 AM and talk 980 AM dot com also on relationship dot com and on iTunes you're listening and all those different avenues. Appreciate Yankee get meg relationship dot com were all over shows are listed with our guest but as of our guests and more information about the show. Robin great discussion day with Tracy min is a senior vice president marketing communications a visit Casey. Busy Casey is a huge awesome great. Organization here in Kansas State that does so much for our local economy. And for our tourism and convention industries here in Kansas City. Tracy has joined about a year ago and is. Getting used to midwest the end and it just just sick of really good person I think this just meeting here today that is. Very engaged in doing great things for Kansas City already. And Tracy one of the things going to have unit talked about was this new that's how we beat Kansas City campaign if you go to visit Casey dot com you can check it out there's a hash tag how we do Casey. What is this all about what are what are your goals and tell us more about it. Well first and foremost our goals are awareness our destination. And infighting and generating incremental leisure visitation as well as meetings and conventions business to our destination. And developing our brand pot farm in the research that I had done prior to having opportunity to join the visit Casey team in moving to this market. We were communicating RY and I looked at our competitive set in our non competitive set. And I know for certain that national is music city. And I know that anything is possible in Saint Louis and of course being from Las Vegas market what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But we don't have our brand positioning for a destination. And we're not confidently and clearly communicating or why. So we aligned with MMQ why. Global here as our local agency of record and our partner. For the hometown team in which. Either way is a very well known as for our listeners I don't know travel. Marketing company and agency that advertising that is very well thought of windows advertising for cities throughout the world right correct we chose. We chose and then July for a variety of reasons first and foremost on our peace mission in the creative expertise in the strategy. And the metrics reporting. But hands down they are the leader in tourism and hospitality. So we're not recreating the wheel work we're simply inviting members are home tiny agency to partner with us and show the world who we are in communicate RY. And in doing so we found. Out of the gate that are differentiating factor is not. The offerings that we have in our destination. But how we deliver those offerings and the experience is behind the scenes. And so much so that when we went into issue our campaign two months ago the harder FiOS it's in the photography assets are all local. Kansas City and we didn't hire models we didn't hire the talent we wanted that authentic representation of our brand. Awesome. So what is it like what how do we do Kansas City what is our what is our story because there is a lot of things that I think. That we have going for us it really is you talk about other cities you kind of have that. I think we you know about them like you'd know Austin was kind of read rebirth in the tech tech community and we're obviously do a lot with tech here. You know that nationalist music country music you know that oral and has kind of the weird thing going so I mean what. What what are we what are we trying to tell because I feel like we have so many assets and economies are issue either on an airplane and some of these firms tomorrow's in this who worship ago. Everyone has their different places they go but there's not like dal one thing. Threats and we don't need it to be that one thing so the approach that we took with them and you why is our campaign platform is. At the heart of what makes this city great. Is not just what their is to deal in the city. But it's how we do things that makes us truly special and that lends itself to the authenticity of the city. And we spoke earlier about the cultural groundswell of community pride and passion for everything from. Sports. To arts and culture sued the upscale culinary scene here. The festivals for the music experiences. There is so much to do in this city and those are the things that I did not have in in my capacity. President and my past profession. In the Las Vegas hospitality market. Being here in Kansas City. Literally this summer this will be the second summer here and I had to cross things off the list that I experience at the end of last summer. I have to get to this summer. Because there's so much you like hitting it everywhere and every weekend every week there's a new dining experience. There's a new a new opportunity within the crossroads. There's economic generation along streetcar line we already have one point seven billion dollars of economic. Growth in capacity just along the streetcar line. And that mobility that we're offering to our convention attendees. As allowed us to book in criminal. Meetings and conventions to our estimate destination predicated on streetcar line alone. As well as our leisure visitation and I think they're at 256000. Ridership numbers right now Minot amazed six to June 13 where. What are your leisure travelers look like you're saying you're talking on a leisure recruitment and everyone thinks of you guys is just getting big conventions and meetings. But it also is more. And where these people from K so we are a drive market. We have a budget to keep targeting our drive market from a regional basis at and where we're investor and investing our money and then the co op funds that we have matching them as Missouri department tourism as well as our premium partnerships. The regional basis is still morning. Omaha which tile leak in street Louis into peca. Oh were also utilizing some guerrilla marketing tactics. With the very limited budget and measuring our ally and have a key city right now. Our first veto was in the Chicago market last weekend and week. Did a throw down per say of how we go into a market and we went to Chicago to show. Chicago and how we do Kansas City and that was our take on their culture their Christine and their sports theme. And we went in with a throw down on Thursday night. And we went into a new innovative area in the full market area and Chicago. And we hide our bartenders with us and detour down was the readers Brock salty and a Chicago bartender. And in the competition we invited. Media influencers we invited social advocates we invited. Chicago winds that. Live in Chicago now but we're Kansas City ends and vice Versa and the city and who now live in check our cool and it was a great experience that was the kick off. I want it probably Alomar hometown pride not to and I think more people that live and other destinations are friends all over the United States are armed we Morin. Concerned both on concede that were ten years ago. For sure I mean maybe it's because we're getting older but knows because. Rep on the precipice of greatness Verizon my teller you won this fascination is on the precipice of greatness. And as a chief marketing agency for the destination. It's our responsibility. To tell the world what's your an open our doors and welcome them. I'm the second event that we had in Chicago. We partnered with Q 39. And weak custom wrapped a food truck and we had like jazz music from on. Kansas City based the first jazz trio Herman a hurry and we went into the delay and two is building and wheat. We expected to have three to four different areas that we are serving on that Friday during a lunch period. The upscale culinary experience at 239. We ran Al one hour early and only had about one stop it was so unpacked fallout and the feedback of you know what's and it why is this for you what are you doing how can this be free and it was all about getting our brand message and we wrapped. The Q 39 truck with our campaign that's how we beat Kansas City and we showed Chicago and you know there's more elect finish currently dog and here's our barbecue and we're here on the scene. That's awesome that's a really good idea to do that and I think it really resonates with people. Or other markets. We know I congratulations on they urge guerrilla marketing in Chicago thank you there's one more facets you know to do we have forty seconds well Michelle okay Khaled al-Qaeda could have wrapped this you gotta visit Casey dot com as are all the information is right. You guys are located downtown that he said in a power like Michigan we can go lock in your office and check it out in India information about what's going on here in town rent cracked. Tracy meant congratulations on everything you've done so far in your term visit Casey is senior vice president marketing communications. Think your rocks are. We don't have you on again off so many times and also love for you come on some time of the Ronnie we both in Syria purple show. We can go over everything that really congratulations on everything that's going on and welcome back in the midwest thank you so much it was my pleasure and I'm grateful and honored to be here. Great to see if they solicited relationship oh I hope you enjoy today show we'll see you next week have a great day. Talk to sit there.