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Vacation Views 06.25.16

Jun 29, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Marte campus setting this is mark come for your host. And we have a lot going on right now it is summer area has been hot. You're gambler the number of people letter rookie in Alaska vacations last minute. Then and I don't why don't. It's been miserably hot here holy cow can we just got back from France and what are the reasons I think has been so hot ten. Literally it was in the seventies over there in France. For the first two weeks in June. And you know we get back here and it's in the nine these high ninety's and humanized can be so quite a difference quite a difference whether but you know while we had our customer appreciation picnic last Saturday. Cannot tell you something I just. It is sole. Reward eaten as a business owner. To do something for our clients that have helped us stay in business for 47 years and maybe our early duke as does our entire staff. Both. I appreciate. Do you believe it is your customer marchers you've referred people to us at cruise holidays you comfort to worst. I want to say thank you win close a couple hundred people. Last last Saturday. At our offices to. Do. To just join us for our annual customer appreciation picnic it was. Are really really great day. And one of the neat things about and it said it's a non selling day for us so it gave especially me chairs around me a lot of people that I know. A lot of people have done business with us for a long long time. And many people I didn't know that have done business with us for really quite awhile and that that's very rewarding gosh we have sold close to 90000 vacations so. No I don't. No way that everybody anymore. But it was just only to hear the stories. Of people's vacations. And this this to this was sponsored. By Royal Caribbean this picnic was as it has been for the third. There for almost thirteen years so the armed. This one jet along. Robert Napier. Gave Galen Matthews are. District. Sales manager. A a Allen and this'll be kind of funny at. Oh what I didn't call it ash tray eat handmade ashtrays that was on the song of Norway. Then he won in bingo or something like that 1982. And he said there are downsizing and he gave Robert gave this to Galen Matthews and Galen was just so touched it and and that literally collects a keepsake. Special to Royal Caribbean people sorry Norway is one of the first ocean cruising really wonderful. Special made. Cruise ships for ocean cruising. You know before summary of ocean cruise ships were transatlantic passenger ships made for speed. Made for taking people a crossed the Atlantic quickly. Freight traffic things like that. Well anyway so we got so much going on that you you ought to be aware if you're interested in river cruising and we're gonna have another river cruise night on July 19 that person was so popular. You're gonna hear today a little bit about our our France river cruise that we just took our got several of the royal family people who were on that cruise would Mimi and I hate. Sharing. Their favorite memories and you might be interested in hearing about this if you're interstate in a river Chris if you're interested in going to France specifically. You're gonna hear about some of the neat things. That we did some very very special things are we did one thing I wanted to talk you've got to. We do a lot of these events to help educate you. On different destinations on July 13. That Perot pose restaurant and briar cliff. We were going to be doing an aide traveled dinner hosted by Costa Rica. I travel actually it's a pleasant holiday is one of our and I wholesalers. Tour operators is hosting this. And he he meaning pleasant holidays is bringing her the company is bringing up our era this this is funny guy named James Taylor no no not the singer James Taylor is the founder of one of the odd destination management companies that take people all around the transfer companies that tour companies. In all of coast Rica. So you're gonna hear it born and raised in Costa Rica speaks great English. And more or if you've ever wanted to learn about coast Rica. I would incursion dar as PP. Again Ford July 13 is July 13 at 6:30 PM it's going to be a dinner. Acosta then Arab League is 3995. I used to do travel dinners are all the time is up at briar cliff village just north of the downtown airport 3995. Com three course meal. To either glass of the Weiner beer. And the presentation can be done during dinner now. We only hold a maximum of forty people and frankly depending on what kind of equipment they bring in maybe a maximum of 34 people are 36 people so. RSVP play if you're pleased if your interest in coast Rica on July 13. 6:30 PM. RSVP of your interest didn't joining us on that river cruise night for Obama. Waterways Avalon waterways and you know world river cruises. Will be there to talk about those three great there are three top river cruise lines we sell much more of those than we do viking river. And that will be in our office again July 19 at 6 PM but the result of his office so our history people please do and if you're interested in Alaska for next year for 2017. On August. 25. Out at. Come balance in the legends we're gonna have. And event out there that's on August. 125. So we've got so much going on we like to educate our customers we like cute to hear and learn about. All of these options on the vacations that are available out there Korean today you're here for many of our. We royal family group that went to France with us who remember that trip just to literally two weeks ago week. Started four nights five days. In the central valley common law are valley area of France Sussman most amazing shad tows and manor house's. In that part of the world that's for the aristocracy in the very very wealthy in the thirteenth 1415161718. Centuries. Build these jag getting manor houses. I mean just the the wealth and opulence that that went into these places crazy. And you're gonna hear all about that we went up to the English Channel. And want to mall saint Michel one of the most fabulous. His stork. Sites in all the world and frankly a pilgrimage sites. That was founded started in 500. AD by the Irish monks. I know you all have seen pictures of higher gear right now Google. Google. Mark I'm going to say Michelle and you will be amazed. Amazed at what you'll see. Why why. And then we went on river Cruz. Supposed to be out of Paris on the same river north to the English Channel or we went to Normandy. On 72 anniversary DD and that was the big big big nucleus of this trip. To be in Normandy on the 72 anniversary of that we're there on June 6 1944. We want to the American cemetery we actually ran in the Donny Edwards. I'll with the old with a can't city cheese the former linebacker he now is taking with his foundation veterans back to war they served. Nyad nine veterans that were there. On June 6 1944 and we had a chance Donnie actually came up because those were my kids that are royals had. And we talked for quite awhile we get to meet and talk to some of those veterans what. The highlight spirit here all about that on this show today again. We call this our royal family. Trip to France Mimi and I knew royal family trip every year and that's simply made the trip to G nine. Do somewhere in the world next year. We're under two off one's a little video report cruised to India the ship only has twenty feet we'll lose 56 people. And if your troops to be that that's in late February. And it's your first did it going with the center of this trip in late August to get out each year to the Canadian Rockies that's on the rocky mountain news. So stay tuned you're gonna hear more about the wonderful world vacations. Who. I. We'll come back to vacation views this is mark come for your host and I'll tell you what we just got back from our royal family trip. To France Kennedy was there was out. It's cool wet weather of their rain a lot in the temperature was in the sixties and seventies so we get back here. To the midwest and my goodness gracious we have this hot humid weather that we've been having and I've got on Airways made though right now what do might. Really good friends that I great great guy who went on this river Cruz. To experience and to share with the his bride. They're 47 anniversary and you want in a big birthday that ended with a zero I won't tell you the starting number but it ended with a zero mr. Steve Gordon daily or the mayor of keystone Colorado sustained welcome to vacation news. They're concerned mr. mark comfort and glad to be isn't this afternoon. Where it's all year came to see the listeners. Well it is. It is not as can be here what is it you're keystone today. Well when I woke up this morning with your 43 degrees it's so late Jack get tough. Hand in this afternoon right now we're recording 71% and two. I'll tell you watch that every year as you know we were just out their little while ago oil and help and our son move into that beautiful place right on bill lake Trout overlooking or. Incredible Rocky Mountains then. Bellwether is is wonderful but Steve let's get back to this river Cruz just sag which you near bride and Kathy decided to do this one we've made you guys made a decision last year while Mimi in our out there are she. In Colorado talking to you about this opportunity and Steve was the river Cruz in the hallway spurs everything you and Kathy had hoped it would be. Well I tell you what marked it exceeded any expectations we had passed and we went in with a high expectations. Not only produce the cruise itself but to get serviced. Biamby it's. Everything went so well chorus you know despite the weather and they told us that there have been some weather issues that we never noticed that affect. And we could not have been happier at booking you know if Obama waterways. And they really did a great job and Steve really Cathy please I mean you're in the hospitality business there would Vail Resorts out and in and you handle kind of the keystone area both in golf and skiers services so you know hospitality you know food quality you know serviced were you pleased with the service on board the I'm Allegra was well as the food quality and and members quality. Well market so different then cruise holidays are keystone resort to play gum up the business were in his guest service. And one just thing individual employees themselves. Provided collective experience that we lows remember. And the food and you know app I think we're assured of a food and it was always very very good from the morning. How breakfasts are even near quick. Continental breakfast in the morning for those that get up early like myself. Are all the way down into the evening dinner or at the shelf stable has never had as single disappointment. In food or service. Yeah I'd IE I agree I just thought this crew and staff sorrow were absolutely phenomenal Stevenson I asked what your savored memories were out of this trip now that it's a couple weeks along when they beat. Well we've got to rebound and certainly one of the key points out that really attracted us to this river Cruz was. Speaking at Normandy on the 72. Anniversary of you know to be there in June next. 2007. Or sixteen on December 2 anniversary just give us goosebumps. And then to start I think in this cemetery itself you know very. Hallowed grounds. Look at that all the young men and women. That gave their lives for our country and for our freedom which we should never take him progress and it. And going through the museum. As well some of the bunkers on the hillside that was good but they think being in the town there and seen the parade late afternoon. With the World War II veterans out there about thirty or forty from there. Really brought to relate to you know the entire event. Back in 1940 or. Two today and to be able to talk to some of these veterans who return to uniform and proudly worn the uniform. And I think what they did in what they remember in the friends that they lost I think certainly in Normandy was key. And it's anyone's ever thinking of going there putters on the list and do it now don't wait too. I agree there and I think most everybody in our royal family group felt the same way it's quoted another memory be. Count but to elect. Cassie and that experience in the European travel. And I tip limited European travel and I think just learning the culture of another country. This particular being France. Learning the culture Livan in the culture in these different towns small towns and in the big town you know Paris. But one of the things that. I was attracted to constantly fatigued. Eleven days we are there was an architectural design as so many historical buildings museums and specifically the church just. Which we never get tired and that's so rich in history and when you think of some of these buildings being built hundreds of years ago. And Natalie just put design architecture of it but how was that built how was it engineered. It is I just couldn't get enough of that. And I think that was especially brought to relate to when we went to the loop or the cathedral. Notre down. That said incredibly special area IE and Steve honest to goodness. I don't know if you're talk about this but on the architectural goes I'm seriously the Eiffel Tower was absolutely incredible. Designed to. Well and you know you take for granted you know that you think it's a bunch of to steal her I could general actors that. But to be insight to some multiple times throughout our troops there. Really TV greater appreciation especially you guys in to attack and look at tape engineering he talked about why it's. In the building up debt to. And I think was so brought to light only had dinner. The second level of the Eiffel Tower at the jewels turner restaurant when he used to desert. And that's the job you know and at. Desert camp that was inevitable talk and carry characteristic that you wonder how many nuts and bolts hopes in this cycle power. I'm millions as Steve used prayer 47 bloody anniversary. Having dinner. There are the Eiffel Tower how memorable was that. Well that they let that can be hard to repeat you know I think. Well we've book additional cruises are adventure trips to cruise holidays and triple play and another one forces are so grateful he's putting nine and justice system which we know already torn due to the time. With Obama waterways next April protect you stadium just so that'll protect. The big one that ends with a zero set straight to you Steve I'll tell you lied and you know you're such a great people person. Did you enjoy traveling with a group of people which most of them you it literally won't met once in our document party other than that harris' and Mimi and I think did you enjoy traveling with a group of people. That goes without questions did you get to spend time with them but it was on the motor coaches we ventured into another tone or reporters on a tour Joaquin. You know to a close Monet's garden path. We got 510 minutes with them during a tour that they need head cocktails with some. When you get back and ships that later afternoon he had dinner with them or maybe practicing next morning. She could really delve into what they're interest are who they are worth their prompt. You know what motivates them more they travel time so I just loads and you know doing that part of travel as well. You're a people person how about caddie did get to enjoy the royal family group. Well I don't think episode impacted because she thinks we've been again this week. Which have yet to it. Can't get in traveled that I had to Europe before and this could not have been a better introduction got to travel. It'll play in overseas stepped into a foreign country that you only know by name in history in which a grid. And our play our connections to customs and seamlessly seamless seamless so many of the listeners are concerned about travels. There's only concern and everything we do urge historic jump nice seven in her car. But he's gonna take that risk. Because it to look back at times short continues to shrink and you don't wanna say I wish it would have done it. So we were gonna wait to our fiftieth anniversary do this trip but we decided we can't put we wait for him do it now. Well on debt they had a little health scare a couple of years ago on that really put Saddam. Puts things in perspective too which is why you did what you did that when you did it here with the strip but I'm so glad you and Kathy went Stephen I'll tell you what eight. More once once the market let's look like I you have the two old timer her cruise coming up what are what else does your bucket list have in store. Well we get a number of cruises we get I wanna get in two different pieces of the Danube. You know with the river cruises we find that very intriguing and base and what we learn from other world and we guests. You know that in treated so. We can be doing that and you know the rocky mountain explore with the royal family in August and September of Tony seventeen. We haven't ruled that one out yet. I just stepped up planning and it would work and everything. Two as we love British Columbia would love. Canada I live in the mountains but I just create another mountain range all the time. Those Canadian Rockies are so beautiful also warned they Steve. Tough question Hanoi the first face to morning crook and Minnesota and wins Keenan. Canada and you know when you stand in northern Montana and you're looking at those. Well directed mountains in Canada united just saying I wanna piece of that wanna be part of that -- get there. Well to travel to say boy it's pretty easy. Some that's Doug didn't pay and we've got about a minute left Steve give everybody the phone number out their keystone in case they wanna get out of the seat in the midwest and come and go west to led beautiful rocky mountain areas in keystone and brokerage and veil and copper mountain give everybody the phone number please. Well you know these way to do things as to the web site just like they do on Obama water release next but keystone resort dot com. Keystone resort that come artillery go right to gulf gulf keystone dot com. And you can click into anything and see. You know what we have for lunching for dining for a goal for activities hiking biking Redskins saline tanking keeping golf tennis concerts. Everything's going on here. Then one small thing great resort called keystone. Can you run the two great golf courses out there are the keys total reverend accusatory rants Carson. Of course our son Spencer works for Vail Resorts and helps people would their golf trip to send out their lodging and everything it's. Life is good didn't it Steve. That's straight. And when you see this reservations number Naspers venture. That's my son. Steve thanks so much for joining me today John FBI and we look forward to seeing you out at in the Rockies here about a month herself. Expect must see at the airport all the best hey this is markup first they do. I'll be right back was more in the wonderful world to vacation this. Feel welcome back to vacation views this is mark come for your host and we are talking about. The royal family trip we just took too. France. First two weeks of June the last day. Thanks for two days of of may and we we went all over the central part of Francine shot close in manor houses and historic. Places cathedrals monasteries things like that then we got on the Hamas led Grohl. Our river Cruz on the sand river and we were supposed to be embarrassed but because of the flooding and we started out in Roland. France and I have Terry and Mary walker are here with me to talk about some of their favorite memories but. Terry let me start out we view. What if you had to pick one memory that just truly stands out your mind more than anything on this hole fourteen day triple what would it be. It's the enormity Conte date that list outstanding mirrors emotional. And that. I learned things and I've never had heard had not lied about it. And there was. You see pictures. But didn't and I think you're right there you just can't put it together. And that that one of the things that I noticed was. The two the graveyard this cemetery. All you've seen them so many towns that we were right there able to take a picture of it. They perceive that far brewing in the same day just like it worse on these days for saved me two years ago. And that's also I learned things about they run against flying from England player crossed. To that nobody teaches stepped up their supply the gas for this. And they do assembly of the things we learned about it. It truly was Terry won and I didn't realize that there are five main beaches and 65. High. Hundred. Vessels that brought. Those soldiers in from all over England. And it it's just mind boggling was that we know about you know Omaha Beach and and Juno beach but there were five beaches there that the allied forces came in to attack the Germans it. We we did truly learned so much that day that at least I didn't noble for. You're correct yeah. I think we had that. They did the big steep wall that they had different face to play that's and they would take guns we who had deceived. For a leg artillery guns that the Germans used against this and I embedded in the big. Rock bassist Sam actually met basis and they were still three I'm still in recent attack the guns are still there even to this day. I'm 72 years ago all gosh amazing ended at. Mary I have to ask you what your savor memory was Mary what would be your favorite memory. I don't think there's just it was just an unbelievable. I would have to say. One of the top 180. It is probably what only god and compare it. Keep these scenes like the Eiffel Tower I mean you've seen it on television. And pictures and but he's actually. He'd be there are standing under the base he's just have no idea. How huge. You know wait isn't just striving and apparently seen you know law alone today is that things that have. I've seen my whole life that can actually be fair I just you know like still have to pinch myself that I wasn't actually there. Then very well and it's fun to have that dinner on the Eiffel Tower just one night after we came in to terrorists. I hope was unbelievable. But you know give space to look down from good dining room that was absolutely beautiful. And to look down and see this city lights and prepare us it's. You know I was just unreal in the mile hole and you know. It just so many great memories of this trap I have to say it's probably one of the best trips I've ever had in my life. It's really good you're gonna know we've we've traveling the other a lot of time that a lot of places south stare out there. Terry let me go back to you what would mean may be your next favorite memory. Probably. Had. Actually them Monet. Garden and homes that I was. I I I didn't know much about until we got there and they taught us a lot of things that garden was beautiful. And now home that he's lived in and took learned that after his death. This home and garden stuff. Nobody took care of their ticket say anything about it for forty years and they brought it back to life and it really was really neat. Boy everybody commented on that to everybody is thought that was just. And I know my wife Mimi was just blown away would that whole experience there are at. His Monet's home and gardens. Area by you and express my next favorite memory. Well like you know I mean decided to all the museums and the beautiful gallery ease and apparently got to see. Even light. Indeed. And acted the part that we saw about Anatolia and was very interesting deal where you saw different. Do we always tune it and lease art artillery each. And like his uniform some definite really put it this. But it all together on how small the person he was. They even have a course in that shouldn't doubt went there on exam but not you know I mean it was stopped about. Go to the hazard zones we tested this. But how many wonderful things. Dyer say that was the museum day army the army museum. That I can't what I send on the McBride Zend enjoy and see Blaine then we we wanted to. See the evolution of I'll weaponry. All round yeah. The generations in the decades in the millenniums and it was just. Are inspiring and then you're right napoleon's tomb and remember Mary and Terry being out on that core ER with a Napoleon statue and hearing that big booming voice you could if that truly was like he sounded hit it out was very much shoot it why he was such a great leader and general. Yeah yeah now it was you know very and arresting me just you know. He's so many things fans. It's. Now I was just. Just didn't didn't I don't know I just can't put it into words that would just that you know mind blowing to just take candidate. I'll let that information. And actually get it we didn't have enough time to see everything. Morneau yeah. You spent a month and Paris alone couldn't you. Combine it absolutely and I don't know if you can be this easy elephant dance. Yeah Mary did youth did you like the river cruise experience. Who lie and it blows. It in it was just so wonderful follow up on the water way you can diet we checked as trip last year this could start factors. Wherever crude and I can't wait to go on another one. They just take such good care view the entire staff. They are so friendlies. The boats are so clean the food is fantastic. We had wonderful French wine and the pan to. I've really enjoyed like stay the night before we were going to depart where you get to see everybody that is behind the scenes. As far as the staff. That they bring them out and you know it's just a wonderful experiences. It is income that span and to. You know you did you know people. Just west traveling with them on the boat for a week. We we add bag great group of people Terry did you enjoy the river cruise experience still. Oh my god it's outstanding it's a fact. I thought last year's great petition even cost them and they just went overboard on every tank and I never had. So it's good to just south and that whole week quit them favored breakfast dinner and lunch whatever it was great. The hour. When they rather river cruises were all that's included too but there is something about the river cruising in France that. That French cuisine because they do by so much of their food locally. Is so good they do by the winds the French wines locally so the winds are so fresh and so good it it's truly you guys it's a great experience from a historical point it's also a great experience for our cultural. The experiences that. And here. They have to absolute delight at. And and won last week got a couple minutes left Terry. Pat. Well actually go back to the apple tower I have who has just blown away on it I mean I've looked at merry said. You look at it two blocks away now that's not so big. Boy you get up here since it is unbelievable. And to be up there and and look out over. Perished that I'll never forget that their particular. When the lights. We liked IR. Fabulous wasn't meant and they had that big soccer tournament so there was definitely not the part Q was horrible to him we had walked further than we've. You know they expect to do but. Harris is just such an all lives city and down would you recommend. Terry's and they are just as Mary would you recommend a river Cruz and especially river cruise in France to other people. Oh sure definitely definitely. Any river Cruz France to. If they're they're wonderful experiences and I can't away were gonna put another trip together to you and your bribe Mary we have by had a chance to. Travel together a lot of different places that Rhine river and then to the America all residences but something about this trip was so special I didn't say get. It's centered around the day that was just died think highlight probably lifetime highlight. But I do want to say oh yeah I wanna say thank cute to you to its customers like you do that just make our job so great. And now so memorable and I really enjoyed traveling with you both your so much funded travel what's so thanks for joining me. How did the pilot mark thank you we appreciate it it takes such good care of absolutely volleys had a great time with skill and you know it's. We will definitely. You know these signing up for her other trapped. Well I am planning more and I'll tell you why you like Britney song wanna bring me anywhere this next time after. I'm only it was so much about a big get what is travel would immediately because first want to wait can't let parents see it's just let's check. Wonderful person she really is like you make good. A great couple thanks so much I've got to know this is mark come from vacation these I'll be right back. Welcome back to our last segment. Some vacation views and you know we. Are talking right now about a royal family trip that we just got back. From France on just a little over a week ago. And would be right now on areas mr. Steve McBride Steve was just recently retired and he hit his wife Peggy barely make it the most of life after retirement and Steve first of all welcome to vacation Busan thanks for joining me right here. Ed I know you are enjoy and retired life everytime I see your smiling and you're telling me you're in Jordan retired lives. Pat there's nothing I don't like about being retires he beat. Steve you met every bit on the on the river crew whether as before on a different river now we did a river cruise on the sand wherever the seine river. And what was your NN I let you speak for your wife to what did you take you think about this river Cruz compared to any other river cruise you know did it meet your expectations. Can't you know they'd given the weather. And that still flooding of course they couldn't. Its sale is as bad as much but guess they did meet my expectations. Even given the circumstances. They did a wonderful job. It did and it would take you said the same thing your wife said the same thing you weren't. I'll guide I think that's great because I know we had a marvelous time and we well with Dick Wilson in the Kansas City zoo on the Rhine river trip also lot novel waterways river cruise line. And this time you are right we did experience. A hundred year slide it in and around that Paris area which affected all the rivers and all of the area around there so I ate it happened degree was Steve Lott that Obama did a great great job but Steve if we had to ask you try and ask you or your favored to her maybe three highlights of the trip or what would they beat. The first set to be Normandy because we were there on the 72 anniversary of and to have all of the parade and that fat trans. For all bear. And particularly for me it was the logistics museum. I had no idea. About. How complicated the statistics were back to support these days. That probably Demi was the highlight. Yeah what did you tell you said that sometime after that troubles over that led general in charge of logistics was a genius right. We had to be just too to get everybody over. Followed this fuel does food. Then artillery. Ammunition. I just absolutely. I mean he would get to remarkable. Yeah I happen there grew the end and I met very few of us knew any of that until we got over their war draws. One of the highlights seem okay good DJ and I I think everybody in our whole group felt that what what what would be number two. When we went to dent the cliffs that. And members are now pretty cropped. And those were the clips sent Monet in painted in his pictures. And it was something that we wouldn't have gone on it wasn't for the flooding so I would say this is a plus. So they made a special trip force over there absolutely have scored just area. And they had nice little. I'm. These little shops out in the street took little market area on that particular day on Thursday. Most of the shop owners only spoke French so it wasn't something they normally see a lot of tourists. But that particular date and to see those clips to lock up on the cliff and to see the golf course that was that there of course has. Well as absolutely highlight from me. And tends to email was Sony knew that they've never been there that's the captain no hotel manager and the crews manager all went. Ahmed curbed the night. Yes they did. And dad I'm protected him they are enjoyed it as well I hope they'll make it as they pay regular stop for at least Detroit. Because it's somebody was gonna go on that particular river Cruz. I would highly recommend you go to Q cliff. Thought I am so glad to item that was one more I didn't go Y one did something else I'm so disappointed I didn't because you all. We're talking about how special I was. And I about a third experienced team what would be a third highlight Charles for you. I've had to be be so bad the ethnic and Monty might myself. And could see that every that was built out and on this island. It's an island when the tide is about and that there are men tied it in rather and then when the tigers that you could actually think it actually walk after the pilot. And was built straight up. In the air kissed the they have no marvels at how they built that particular Abby in the court to the happy to meet with just fascinating. Bitten by the way I'm so glad you said that does need to DJ I think was everybody's number one to meet personally that Abby that mall saint Michelle Abby was without court. Questioned my second most memorable highlight of that trip to. What what next Steve what necks and anything else that really stands out your mind. Oh definitely you don't week which led to dinner at the tools firm restaurant and that to me was that I. He didn't even though it's very very expensive it was the experience was incredible to be up into the Eiffel Tower concede that. The dinner with all the different wines that they Serb one for each different course. Just the experience itself was. Was just one of those once in a lifetime deal because I would never pay them 600. I think our a lot of money you spent most trusted thoroughbred incredible. And then being out there midnight out on the open area on the Eiffel Tower after our dinner and watch in the colors. Of the tower in the lights of the towers come on where they do the show what 10:11 and 12 o'clock that was really grumbled him beyond the Eiffel Tower one that was happening. You know I'm part of it have to be that they had closed all the streets. Because of these soccer tournament and had the big screen setup so they had all these people out right next to the top Eiffel Tower. Watch in the soccer tournament where the streets for our clothes for miles from around the Eiffel Tower. So large heavy act and let it out we'd be probably walked a mile and a half. It kept us. To put there because there's just no way to get there and we had. English speaking passengers and only a French speaking cabbie can and so that's that I have to be part of it too because they're really put all in the if it just made that just a great day yeah so let's come home watch CNN Anderson. And a private joke amongst us has won't ever forget the map treasured taxi driver and crew to get there we'll wait we are thought. Well I just wanna say. We've got a couple minutes left Steve the boy we've had the pleasure of traveling with you and Peggy many times before you know YouTube absolutely love. The marital residence as we spent a lot of time down their guys you guys spent what three weeks down and port of merit this last January. Yes we did. And I do I really do that America residence and work on back again in January. And we're also going on another river Cruz could you have did this all and we decided to do that when we you're fine. These river Cruz and it upon that this thing Rick. Davis Steve tell everybody. What you told me if you're a member I figure as the greatest YE EU amber anybody is ever put to me a negative with the positive all one direction do you ever or is set about how you've learned you don't wanna be king ordered or urged jurors anymore. Yeah I think there was a great thing you know we got to keep some great places we got to keep them shut those and then I learned that if I have to go by about to see some other places I don't wanna go there that bat. Budget deal ought to do it on a river Cruz I. We'll do it on a river Cruz anytime I've love river Cruz things it is the only way they act. Defeated Europe and my attitude and. Well I guess I remember so vividly because I first thought it was like complain to me but then when your face lit up with a smile and you said but I love her for Cruz he that's what I wanted to do from here on out but you know the moral of that story is you as all travelers to learn what you don't like. And you learn what you do like by doing things and then as the years go on you do what you like best. Oh absolutely can you have to do it why you're still you want to do it why you're still physically capable of doing that I just. Would recommend to anybody that goal are you still have your help in you can do it. Exactly right and I know you've got. Fifty more here this stuff yeah. Sing about run and in the end of the show. I wanna say thank you for joining me today Tom Brady I set eyes. And I look forward to the seeing you on the next adventure or on the golf course I care well take my heart take care. That was Steve McBride is wife Peggy just great people like all the royal family just great people I have got to go. You deserve a great vacation I'll talk to you next week.